Ballots were mailed August 16th! Vote early so we don’t have to call you!

For Sacramento County voters, look for the white envelope that includes your name and address.

If you didn’t receive your ballot by August 23, or if you received someone else’s ballot, call the Sacramento County Elections office at this toll free number: (800) 762-8019.

You’ll have to look hard for the place to vote YES!

Find the Official Ballot in your packet and look WAAAYYY down at the bottom to find where you can fill in the Yes bubble.  Do this first so you don’t forget! There is no alternative to Newsom if we forget to vote on the first question.


Bet you can’t pick just one…but you have to!

There are 24 Republicans on the ballot – a wealth of candidates to choose from. FYI, Sacramento’s Doug Ose has withdrawn due to a health emergency, so he’d want you to choose another. SacCountyGOP has not endorsed, even though we have our favorites, so choose a leader who can take the reins on day one and make some changes!

Click here to visit our Recall page where we have links to all of the Republican candidates that provided a website. This page has other helpful information, including a link to purchase a Recall Yard Sign!


It’s all about the signature on your pink return envelope!

Your signature verifies that you are the one submitting your ballot. If you can’t remember how you signed your name when you registered, look at your driver’s license. If your signature doesn’t match, County Elections will look at your DMV record as back-up. Include the date you plan to turn in or mail your ballot.

If you have others who are voting at the same address, be sure to check you’re using the pink envelope that has your name and address! Then print your name and residence address under your signature in the space provided.

There are many ways to turn in your ballot by September 14th, and instructions are included on the flyer that is enclosed.  Also included is a list of drop boxes. Vote Centers start opening on September 4th, and more on September 11th. You can replace your envelope or ballot at any Vote Center, and you can register to vote or fix a mistake in your registration as well.

Another option is to bring your ballot in the pink envelope to SacCountyGOP headquarters. We will hand-deliver your ballot the next business day to Sacramento County Elections office. We are open Monday thru Saturday 10am – 3pm and are located at 9851 Horn Road, Ste. 100, Sacramento. Call our office if you’d like directions at (916) 822-5618.

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