Support the Republican Party of Sacramento County!

Many thanks to our 1776 Donors for your support during the 2022 Election! It made a difference!

Your monthly or quarterly recurring donation to support our new 1776 Donor Club gives us a steady stream of funds to pay our operating costs. Members who donate monthly or quarterly will receive event discounts and first dibs at attending special events just for donating a minimum of $17.76 per month or $76 per month or quarter.

If you choose to donate by check, please download this Donor Form and send it along with your check made payable to Sacramento County Republican Party to the address provided.

We appreciate your support and will use your dollars wisely! Thank you!

Use your credit or debit card to donate:

SacCountyGOP needs some tools to manage our resources and engage voters.
If you can contribute toward these projects, please email and more information will be provided.

Wish List:

Monthly Intern Sponsorships

Monthly Meeting Sponsors

Gift Certificate for Paint to Improve Headquarters

In-Kind Donations Received:

American Flag/Stand
Thank You Barbara Sloan!

California Flag/Stand
Thank You Mahan Family!

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