Support the SCRP Victory Fund!

The SacCountyGOP is gearing up for the 2020 Election and we will need significant resources to help re-elect our President, and add to our Republican Legislators, and Local Officials. Your donation will be used to enhance communications including a phone bank and digital outreach, support an active precinct operation, and to build a fund to support the campaigns of our Republican candidates running in Sacramento County.

If you choose to donate by check, please download this Donor Form and send it along with your check to the address provided.

We appreciate your support and will use your dollars wisely! Thank you!

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As the 2020 Elections approach, SacCountyGOP needs some tools to manage our resources and get out the vote.
If you can contribute toward these projects, please email and more information will be provided.

Wish List:

Voter Guide Print/Mail ($45,000)

Custom Data Base ($5000)

Phone Bank Rental ($4000)

Monthly Intern Sponsorship ($2,500)

20 Tablets for Walking (@ $250)

American Flag/Stand ($250)

California Flag/Stand ($200)