Recall Not A Total Loss

The Governor and his minions were hard at work to save his sinking ship, spending in excess of $50 million taken from rich liberals and public employee unions, and wheeling in a disgraced President and Vice President anxious to change the subject from Afghanistan and the crisis at the border.

So, in spite of a valiant effort by the CAGOP, the Recall campaign, and county Republican Parties throughout the State, we are stuck with a failed Governor and his policies for another year. We need to learn some tough lessons from this election, which was our best chance to show that Republicans can do better. 

That said, we know that schools, small businesses, and churches would not be open were it not for the Recall. Even though we’re now seeing him sign bills he knew he couldn’t approve while the Recall was pending, he has 4.9 million voters to worry about as they all voted to remove him from office. We won’t let up.

Now with the parent reactions to woke agendas in Virginia and Minnesota, Dems are rethinking their wokeness as the 2022 Election approaches.


What's Next Sac?

The Republican Party of Sacramento respects the right of individuals to differ in opinion, but we denounce all acts of violence to influence policy or elections, regardless of the messenger or the cause. Whether it takes place at the Capitol or in a School Board meeting, nothing is accomplished by threatening or intimidating public officials, and we denounce anyone who does so.

Next year we have the opportunity to elect new statewide leaders, replace members of the Board of Supervisors, bring in a new Sheriff who will continue the work of Scott Jones to protect our communities and respect the 2nd Amendment, and to hold back attempts to raise our taxes and take away freedoms.

We won’t let the hypocrisy of the Governor or his fellow Democrats stop us from working to Save California. 

The only way we can get this job done is if we have the human and financial resources needed. Please consider volunteering and donating to the Sacramento County Republican Party. We’re here for you!

News From SacCountyGOP

Opposition to Vaccine Mandate Growing

If you are a parent or educator in California who is concerned about the Governor’s vaccine mandate, you are not alone! Momentum is building to support a parent’s right to protect their children’s health. And teachers, you have a right to make your own health decisions as well!

Biden AG Says Parents Are The New Terrorists…

Biden AG Says Parents Are The New Terrorists…

Standing up for your children’s interests has never been a partisan issue, but the Biden and Newsom Administrations are provoking parents into taking sides. Those of us who value parental rights will not be silenced by politicians who are weaponizing the Government to cover for their failing and unpopular policies. Now is the time for informed, civil discourse, and a return to policies that are for the kids.

Newsom Strips Parents and School Districts of Control Over Vaccine Mandates

Newsom Strips Parents and School Districts of Control Over Vaccine Mandates

Once again, Governor Newsom has used his endless State of Emergency to take away parental and school district controls. His K-12 vaccine mandate will be implemented as early as January of next year, and he encourages school districts to require the shot even earlier for public and private school students and educators.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

  • SacCountyGOP Holiday Reception

    SacCountyGOP District 4 will host a Christmas Season Kick-Off Reception at a spectacular home in Folsom! Special guests include Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, Supervisor Sue Frost, Sheriff Scott Jones, Folsom City Councilwoman Rosario Rodriguez, and Galt School Board President Thomas Silva.

    December 2 @ 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Open House

    Stop by the SacCountyGOP Open House to pick up some Christmas gifts for your conservative friends and family! We have stocking stuffers, hats, shirts, flags, and more! Please bring in one or more pairs of new socks for the homeless, and pick out a free button! And yes... we have LGB items too!

    December 18 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • CAGOP Candidate “Nuts & Bolts” Training

    It's time to go outside your comfort zone to help save our communities, state and nation. In January, candidates will start to pull papers to run for local, state, and federal offices, and you could be the next leader we need to take back California! Sign up for the next candidate training to learn how to go beyond the realm of keyboard warriors - and get things done!

    January 22, 2022 @ 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Stop by our headquarters and meet the team that makes it all possible! We are currently open Monday through Thursday, 10am – 2pm and can help with voter registration, donor gifts (Christmas is coming!) and information on the upcoming election.

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