Recall Gavin Newsom!


Visit our Recall Newsom page to learn about upcoming local events, including the Recall Open House on February 6th featuring Assemblyman Kevin Kiley.  You can also sign up to make calls to voters to encourage them to sign the petition.

Click here to visit the official RecallGavin2020 webpage where you can download the petition and view detailed instructions.

Beware of organizations that are mimicking the recall campaign to build their lists and raise money. Rescue California and are partnering to achieve the signatures needed, and are the ONLY official Recall organizations!


Thank You President Trump

Thank you Mr. President for putting America and Americans first. Your policies succeeded in bringing people out of poverty and into the dignity of work. You shined a light on the misuse of our tax dollars helping foreign countries who hadn’t paid their fair share for our protection, and those global organizations that wanted our hard-earned dollars while working against our interests. Your judicial appointments will balance the legal system for decades, and by securing the border and supporting our heroes in uniform, you provided a more secure America. You didn’t have to do this, but you showed the world that Republican policies can improve the lives of everyone willing to seize the opportunities you provided. We are not defeated and will build on your accomplishments. Thank you Mr. President.


What's Next Sac?

California and the nation are in crisis mode as we continue to suffer from misguided lockdowns and censorship. People are reacting in different ways, some productive, some not. The Republican Party of Sacramento respects the rights of individuals to differ in opinion, but we denounce all acts of violence and intimidation to influence voters, regardless of the messenger or the cause. 

Next year we have the opportunity to elect new statewide leaders, replace members of the Board of Supervisors, bring in a new Sheriff who will continue the work of Scott Jones to protect our communities and respect the 2nd Amendment, and to hold back attempts to raise our taxes and take away freedoms.

We won’t let the hypocrisy of the Governor or his followers stop us from working to open California and elect better leaders. We will work to recall Gavin Newsom, secure our elections, recruit great Republican candidates, and register new voters.

Please join us!


News From SacCountyGOP

A Path Forward

This message from the Chair addresses the genuine concerns about our state and country's future with a path forward that can grow our party and give us hope.
Authoritarianism or Moral Righteousness?

Authoritarianism or Moral Righteousness?

Republicans love freedom, and value our right to free speech guaranteed by the Constitution. The Bee, Amazon, Twitter, Google and Facebook can try and shut us down, but we have a right to our views and will not stop finding ways to make sure we are the ones defining who we are and what we believe. 

January 6th Will Be A Day For The History Books

January 6th Will Be A Day For The History Books

All eyes were on Washington January 6th as Senators and Members of the House challenged the votes in the November Election. The storming of the Capitol was not condoned by the President or the Republican Party, and we call for a thorough investigation into their motivators, and inadequacies of the Capitol Police to protect the buildings and their occupants.

Adopt A Senior for Christmas

Adopt A Senior for Christmas

Recent lockdowns have been especially difficult for residents of senior facilities who risk loneliness and despair over the Holidays. Join SacCountyGOP as we help three local seniors have a Merry Christmas.

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