Sacramento Election Results

Congrats to all of our local, state and federal candidates from Sacramento County. Follow the results at this link.

Not sure your ballot was accepted? Visit this link and submit a ballot status look up.

All eyes are now on Georgia! SacCountyGOP will start a phone bank on November 30th to call for US Senate Candidates in Georgia. Sign up on our Volunteer page. If you want to volunteer in-state, sign up at this link. You can also make a difference by donating to the US Senate campaigns at this link.


Presidential Election Results

As this election heads to the courts, we stand by our President. Contribute toward the legal costs at this link. View details for a Nov. 21 Trump Rally from Rocklin to the Capitol!


State Ballot Measure Results

Use these links to view Close Races throughout California, and District Contests that include multiple counties.


News From SacCountyGOP

The 2020 Election – It’s Not Over

The battleground to check the validity of our Presidential election is in the courts and the President's stellar legal team has been working overtime to shine a light on multiple irregularities in swing states. Trump supporters and advocates for election integrity know that we can not back down until we know that any fraud that exists has been exposed. Learn how you can access good information on the status of the lawsuits and volunteer opportunities.
Where’s My Ballot?

Where’s My Ballot?

If you signed up to track your ballot using BallotTrax, and you’re wondering why you haven’t received a notice that your ballot has been counted, you won’t. Learn why in this article.

A Turning Point Election – We Can Save Our Country!

A Turning Point Election – We Can Save Our Country!

If you haven’t voted by Saturday, October 31st, come by our headquarters at 9851 Horn Road, Ste. 100, Sacramento between 10am and 5pm and drop off your ballot! It’s Halloween, and we know that Gavin the Grinch doesn’t want anyone to have fun, but we’ll be happy to see you and your kids in costume, and we’ll have some goodies for the trick-or-treaters! You can drive through, or stop and visit. It’s important you don’t wait until Election Day this year when all the ghouls and ghosts will be lining up around the block to cast their ballots.

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