Congrats California!

The Recall Election date has been set for September 14, which means ballots will be mailed the week of August 16!
The Governor and his minions have been hard at work to save his sinking ship, giving away millions of taxpayer dollars and misrepresenting California’s economic status. Well that money tree is about to be cut down by the fed up voters of California!
So, as gas prices rise, fires rage, water dries up, and businesses flounder for lack of willing employees, organizations like SacCountyGOP throughout the State will now launch a campaign to inform voters – because they won’t read about it in the Bee, or hear it on network news. We will advocate for a YES vote on the Recall and encourage all voters to inform friends and colleagues who have tuned out the many issues California faces under Newsom’s leadership.
Visit our Recall page for the latest news and links to GOP candidate backgrounds. Our Volunteer page lists opportunities to help during the Recall Election. If you’d prefer to work directly with the official Recall Newsom campaign, visit this link.

Thank You President Trump

Thank you Mr. President for putting America and Americans first. Your policies succeeded in bringing people out of poverty and into the dignity of work. You shined a light on the misuse of our tax dollars helping foreign countries who hadn’t paid their fair share for our protection, and those global organizations that wanted our hard-earned dollars while working against our interests. Your judicial appointments will balance the legal system for decades, and by securing the border and supporting our heroes in uniform, you provided a more secure America. You didn’t have to do this, but you showed the world that Republican policies can improve the lives of everyone willing to seize the opportunities you provided. We are not defeated and will build on your accomplishments. Thank you Mr. President.


What's Next Sac?

People are reacting to the 2020 election results and the lockdowns in different ways, some productive, some not. The Republican Party of Sacramento respects the right of individuals to differ in opinion, but we denounce all acts of violence and intimidation to influence voters, regardless of the messenger or the cause. 

Next year we have the opportunity to elect new statewide leaders, replace members of the Board of Supervisors, bring in a new Sheriff who will continue the work of Scott Jones to protect our communities and respect the 2nd Amendment, and to hold back attempts to raise our taxes and take away freedoms.

We won’t let the hypocrisy of the Governor or his fellow Democrats stop us from working to Save California. Our united Republican Party will use all resources to recall Gavin Newsom, secure our elections, recruit great Republican candidates, and register new voters.


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Recall Newsom on September 14th

The calendar for the Recall election has been published and you won't believe what you see...well if you've lived here long enough, you will. As Newsom gives away our tax dollars to buy favor from voters, his minions and trolls are hard at work on social media. Regardless, we are undeterred and are committed to Recalling Gavin Newsom on September 14th!
Wise Advice from Governor Noem

Wise Advice from Governor Noem

Governor Noem is a bright light in the Republican Party, showing our nation that Republicans do govern differently. She offered some sage advice to our party recently that we should all consider.

A Path Forward

A Path Forward

This message from the Chair addresses the genuine concerns about our state and country’s future with a path forward that can grow our party and give us hope.

SCRP Headquarters Team

Stop by our headquarters and meet the team that makes it all possible! We are currently open Monday through Friday, 10am – 2pm with longer hours as we get closer to recalling Gavin Newsom!

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