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Election 2018

Learn why SCRP is optimistic about the next election and how you can help turn out pro-Republican voters.

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Take a little time out of your day to help the Republican Party and support our Republican elected officials!

Sign up to participate in the phone bank and precinct walks in your community. We also need volunteers in our headquarters up until June 5th.

If you would like to help the Republicans of River City at the Sacramento County Fair, or wish to sign up for the booth at the CA State Fair, visit the Volunteer page.


Time to Vote!

Ballots have been mailed and it’s time to vote under the new Voters Choice Act model. If you have questions, call our Voter Help Line at (916) 822-5618.

Download our Voter Guide with recommendations.

If you have mailed or dropped off your ballot, wait a few days, and then you can visit this web page, or call the Sacramento County Elections Office to confirm your ballot has been received and accepted. Their phone number is (916) 875-6451.


Ballots Have Been Mailed to Sacramento Voters

It's time to vote! Your Sacramento County Republican Party has some recommendations.
California State Fair

California State Fair

The California State Fair will take place July 13 – 29th and there is much to do to get our Republican booth ready! Please sign up to volunteer and help us with the HUGE fee required to reserve the space. In this election year it will be very important that the GOP has a positive presence at the State Fair, and the Sacramento Republican Party welcomes all chartered GOP groups to participate.

Making Our Communities Safe

Making Our Communities Safe

The Sacramento County Republican Party recently highlighted the importance of supporting candidates in the upcoming election who support a criminal justice system driven by keeping communities safe, not politics.

June 2018 Ballot Measures

June 2018 Ballot Measures

Read the ballot titles and summaries for Props. 68 – 72 that will appear on ballots in June of 2018.

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