Election 2020

Primary Election
March 3, 2020

General Election
November 3, 2020

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Special Election in Senate District 1

Congrats to Assemblyman Kevin Kiley for a stellar showing in the SD 1 Special Election! He will face off against his opponent on June 4. Ballots will be in the mail for Sacramento County voters starting May 6th.

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The Sacramento County Republican Central Committee will continue to proudly support Assemblyman Kevin Kiley in this race.

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Governor Newsom’s Moratorium on a Safe California

Sacramento voters are mad and want to take action following Governor Gavin Newsom's announced moratorium on the death penalty.
Fear-based Activism is Now Status Quo in the City of Sacramento

Fear-based Activism is Now Status Quo in the City of Sacramento

A Sacramento Bee opinion writer says Republicans no longer exist in Sacramento. We believe the over 100,000 minority party voters in the City of Sacramento deserve representation and fear-based political activism needs to be acknowledged and replaced by free speech and opportunity for all.

Give Back to Our Community for the Holidays

Give Back to Our Community for the Holidays

Want to share some of your good fortune with those in need over the Holidays? We’ve chosen two respected local programs that will help us bring some joy into their Holidays!

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