It's Time for New Leaders

Tired of listening to Democrat leaders say they support the police, care about crime victims, want low taxes for the middle class, care about the growing homeless population, are job creators, and are protecting your health and our border? We’ve had enough!

It’s time to show Republicans will govern differently – with solutions not soundbites. Help us elect great leaders by signing up to volunteer in the 2022 election.

Your Financial Support is Needed!

We have big plans to elect Republicans in Sacramento County in 2022. Opportunities exist at the federal, state and local levels, but we can only accomplish our goals with your financial support. Please consider joining our 1776 Club and donate a minimum of $17.76 each month until the November Election to support our all-volunteer operation. Members receive discounts and special invitations to our events.

We’ll need to pay for printing, advertising, and mailing voter guides to Republicans. Any amount is appreciated! 

News From SacCountyGOP

School Board Voter Guide

Meet the candidates endorsed by the Sacramento County and California Republican Party, running for Twin Rivers School Board and the County Board of Education.

We Stand with the People of Ukraine

We Stand with the People of Ukraine

Residents of Sacramento County are watching in horror as Putin invades the free nation of Ukraine. Local businessman and candidate for Congress Max Semenenko provides some background and suggestions to support groups providing aide to Ukraine.

Cooley Releases Single Payer Health Bill with Over $160 Billion Price Tag

Cooley Releases Single Payer Health Bill with Over $160 Billion Price Tag

Sacramento legislator and Chair of the powerful Rules Committee Ken Cooley has moved forward with a measure that provides a government takeover of our healthcare system with a $160+ billion per year price tag. Read what CalTax and other leaders warn about this threat to our healthcare system and cost of living.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Stop by our headquarters and meet the team that makes it all possible! We are currently open Monday through Saturday, 10am – 3pm and later for phone banking on Mon-Wed-Friday. We can help with voter registration, donor gifts and information on the upcoming election. Starting May 9th, we will be collecting your ballots and safely transporting them to the Sac County Elections office. We can also sign you up for our monthly newsletter and volunteer activities. All friendly Republicans welcome!

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