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Regional Voter Contact Coordinators are planning walks and phone banks to reach Republicans who have moved to our County, and those who may have left the party but are known to still vote for our candidates. This is an opportunity to grow our numbers leading up to the 2024 Election.

Click here to sign up to help with this important effort that is now underway.

November 7 Special Election – Sign Up To Volunteer

There will be two special school board elections held on November 7 of 2023. SacCountyGOP has endorsed Manuel Perez in San Juan USD Area 7 (Citrus Heights), and Monique Hokman in the Natomas USD Area 4 race. Sign up to help these candidates including phone banks, walks, and ballot collection events. Ballots will be mailed Oct. 6th!

Voter Contact – Phone & Walk

SacCountyGOP Contact: Mike Story

SacCountyGOP volunteers walked neighborhoods throughout the county to make voters aware of election resources and Republican candidates. Our callers reached over 55,000 voters who hadn’t submitted their ballots. 

Thank you to all who volunteered in this election. It really helped!

Securing Our Elections

SacCountyGOP Contact: Nina Caron

Over 150 volunteers were our eyes and ears at Vote Centers and the closing of Drop Boxes in November. Visit our Election Integrity page to learn more about this program, and use the Sign Up page to let us know you’re interested. We will need observers for the 2024 Primary that could be as early as March!

Watch Parties & Community Events

SacCountyGOP Contact: Barbara Sloan

As national events start occurring that are of interest to Sacramento voters, we will hold Watch Parties at our headquarters. We are open to suggestions for events to highlight. We will also participate in community events that start in May, and will need volunteers. Contact Barbara Sloan if you’d like to help represent the SacCountyGOP at our booths! 

Engage Your School Board Trustees & Stand Up for Your Kids!

The SacCountyGOP serves as a resource to parents and taxpayers who want to share their views with elected members of local school boards. We have several new Kids First school board members, thanks to voters. Learn more about this program on our School Districts page, and sign up for Action Alerts

Register Voters

SacCountyGOP Contact: Barbara Sloan

Most voters are now registered through the DMV, however, many have had their party changed to Decline to State without their knowledge! Throughout the year, we will set up a table at a public location to register voters, and to help them check their current registration status. This has greater importance in Presidential Election years since people must register Republican to vote for our candidates in the Primary. Use the Sign Up link to let us know you’re interested in helping with this ongoing project.

Host “Meet Your GOP Neighbor” Reception At Your Home Or Business

Use the Sign Up link below and we will contact you to discuss your reception.

SacCountyGOP asks you to host a group of friends, neighbors or work colleagues to hear from a party representative and our elected Republican officials. These receptions can be virtual or in person. We will provide an update on current issues, and will emphasize the difference between Republican and other party solutions for today’s issues. This can also be an opportunity to raise funds to support the work of your local Republican Party. Whether it’s on Zoom, or a neighborhood barbecue, cocktail reception, or coffee and desserts, please think about getting the Republicans together in your community so they can have access to resources that will make a difference in future elections! We will work with you on the invite list and can provide a speaker.

Central Committee

There has also been interest in positions on the Central Committee, partly because national calls for action have not correctly represented how California county committees are organized. The Sacramento County Central Committee elections were held in March of 2020 with four-year terms. Vacancies are rare, but when available, replacement recommendations are made by the Executive Committee, and a current Committee Member may also nominate a candidate. Positions are filled by a vote of the full Committee. Prior notice of at least ten days preceding the next Committee Meeting must be submitted by the nominating Committee Member (email info@saccountygop.com) to add this as an agenda item at the monthly meeting. Consideration is given to the candidate’s past commitment to the Republican Party, including SacCountyGOP grassroots, elections, and fundraising activities, and their willingness to work as a team on future SacCountyGOP projects. To view the list of Committee members visit this page. To reach a Committee member, email info@saccountygop.com and let us know who you would like to receive your message.

In order to provide the services outlined above, we need to raise funds 365 days a year. To learn about opportunities to donate, and to view the items we need on our Wish List, visit the Donate page.

Please click on the Sign Up link below to let us know how you’d like to volunteer!  Thank you!

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Election Integrity Officer:

None of these programs are possible without your financial support. Please donate what you can to help us elect Republicans!

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