Headquarters Schedule

Open Monday thru Thursday 10am – 2pm

Community Events

SacCountyGOP Contact: Barbara Sloan

We are so pleased that community events are starting to be scheduled. We have already secured a booth at the September Fair Oaks Chicken Festival, and the October Giant Pumpkin Festival in Elk Grove. We will also attend rallies and welcome your suggestions of where we should be. Please sign up below and let us know you’re interested in helping!

Precinct Operations

SacCountyGOP Contact: Mike Story
Sign up using this link to receive more information. Walkers will be provided with a list and materials.

With President Trump’s confirmation that he wants his supporters to strengthen the Republican Party, we’ve had several inquiries about taking a leadership role at the precinct level. Our successful precinct operations during the past two elections included Resource Volunteers distributing materials provided by the SacCountyGOP within their neighborhood, including voter guides and invitations for public events. This program is being updated for the Recall and the 2022 election. Sign up below if you’d like to help inform the voters in your precinct about the resources available at the SacCountyGOP.

There has also been interest in positions on the Central Committee, partly because national calls for action have not correctly represented how California county committees are organized. The Sacramento County Central Committee elections were held in March of 2020 with four-year terms. Vacancies are rare, but when available, replacement recommendations are made by the Executive Committee, and a current Committee Member may also nominate a candidate. Positions are filled by a vote of the full Committee. Prior notice of at least ten days preceding the next Committee Meeting must be submitted by the nominating Committee Member (email info@saccountygop.com) to add this as an agenda item at the monthly meeting. Consideration is given to the candidate’s past commitment to the Republican Party, including SacCountyGOP grassroots, elections, and fundraising activities, and their willingness to work as a team on future SacCountyGOP projects. To view the list of Committee members visit this page. To reach a Committee member, email info@saccountygop.com and let us know who you would like to receive your message.

Host “Meet Your GOP Neighbor” Reception At Your Home Or Business

Sign up on the form below and we will contact you to discuss your reception.

SacCountyGOP asks you to host a group of friends, neighbors or work colleagues to hear from a party representative and our elected Republican officials. These receptions can be virtual or in person. We will provide an update on current issues, and will emphasize the difference between Republican and other party solutions for today’s issues. This can also be an opportunity to raise funds to support the work of your local Republican Party. Whether it’s on Zoom, or a neighborhood barbecue, cocktail reception, or sharing a pot of coffee, please think about getting the Republicans together in your community so they can have access to resources that will make a difference in future elections! We will work with you on the invite list and can provide a speaker.

In order to provide the services outlined above, we need to raise funds 365 days a year. To learn about opportunities to donate, and to view the items we need on our Wish List, visit the Donate page.

Please use the form below to let us know you would like to volunteer!  Thank you!


Registered Republicans are welcome to volunteer in the headquarters, at events, and in their precincts.
  • Please let us know when you're usually available, and if you have campaign experience or skills that would be helpful to reach voters and raise funds. Thank you!!

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