Open Monday thru Friday 10am – 3pm
We will be open on Saturdays for Recall Phonebank Training and Calling 11am – 2pm

Call Voters About the Recall

SacCountyGOP Contact: Mike Story

Make calls from home or the headquarters for the Recall Campaign. We are part of a statewide effort organized by the CAGOP to reach voters who have received a mailing about the Recall. We will train those who sign up at this link.

Community Events & Recall Newsom Signature Collection

SacCountyGOP Contact: Barbara Sloan

Recall Signature Collection Opportunities

Feb 6 – Headquarters – 1pm – 4pm
Feb 15 – Citrus Heights – 10am – 1pm
Feb 21 – Orangevale  – 1pm – 4pm

Volunteers are needed to staff Recall Newsom signature collection tables on weekends up until the deadline in March. Use the form below to let us know you are available. You can also download petitions yourself and mail them in! Be sure to follow the instructions on this page.

SacCountyGOP has sponsored information tables at many of the community events around the County. When public events resume, we’d like to have local residents at our booth to greet other members of their community. Besides registering voters, we help them check their current registration to make sure it wasn’t changed by the DMV! We also provide flyers on the latest election news – you know…things they won’t read in the newspaper. We don’t know when the traditional community events will take place, but sign up below so we are ready to engage!

Host “Meet Your GOP Neighbor” Reception At Your Home Or Business

Sign up on the form below and we will contact you to discuss your reception.

SacCountyGOP asks you to host a group of friends, neighbors or work colleagues to hear from a party representative and our elected Republican officials. These receptions can be virtual or in person. We will provide an update on current issues, and will emphasize the difference between Republican and other party solutions to today’s issues. This can also be an opportunity to raise funds to support the work of your local Republican Party. Whether it’s on Zoom, or a neighborhood barbecue, cocktail reception, or sharing a cup of coffee, please think about getting the Republicans together in your community so they can have access to resources that will make a difference in future elections! We will work with you on the invite list and can provide a speaker. Hosts should make themselves aware of current County Health guidelines.

In order to provide the services outlined above, we need to raise funds 365 days a year. To learn about opportunities to donate, and to view the items we need on our Wish List, visit the Donate page.

Please use the form below to let us know you would like to volunteer!  Thank you!