The Sacramento County Republican Party is very active and is often called upon to help with media events at the Capitol and campaigns throughout the Region. We need to have volunteers who are ready to engage on short notice. Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering in a variety of capacities by using the form further down the page.

The Sacramento County GOP Headquarters is Now Open!

To avoid spreading the Coronavirus, SacCountyGOP has been using other ways to reach out to voters to prepare for the General Election. While our office is now open Monday thru Friday (Noon-6pm) we do ask visitors to call (916) 822-5618 or email us in advance so that we know you are coming in. Our volunteers will be wearing a mask for their protection and yours, and we’d appreciate it if you’d wear one too!  Don’t have one? You’re in luck! We have some patriotic masks available at the office! Done with wearing masks? We’d be happy to come out to your car to provide GOP/Trump merchandise and to help you with voter registration. 

Sign Up for Trump Talk! 

Elections are taking place across the nation and you can help reach out to voters to support the President.

Volunteers Needed To Engage Their Neighbors

Voters are more likely to consider a new point of view if the messenger is a trusted friend, colleague or family member. We know that people are tuning out the news media due to their biased views and desire to sensationalize unimportant issues. So how will voters inform themselves as the 2020 election approaches? SacCountyGOP will provide volunteers with written materials and sample messages that can be shared in conversations at church, at work, and on college campuses. Most importantly, we need Resource Volunteers to engage their neighbors and let them know the resources that are available to them through the Sacramento County Republican Party.

During this time of mandatory social distancing, Resource Volunteers will have the opportunity to call the voters in their precinct to check in and let them know about our preparations for the November election. Sign up on the form below to cover your neighborhood!

We are proud of our GOP Platform and want the opportunity to put our ideas to work. Help us spread the word about Republican solutions so that our candidates can be elected and make California affordable, safe, and full of opportunities for all. Sign up below to be a Resource Volunteer!

2020 Victory Phone Bank – Training now available!

Sign ups will begin again in late summer for our General Election Phone Bank. We will be using the Sidekick program, so if you’d like to participate in our phone bank, please participate in a training run by the CAGOP. Here’s a link to the current schedule.  Let us know when you’ve completed the course and we’ll get you signed up! If you’re already a Campaign Sidekick pro, let us know that too!

Many thanks to the dozens of volunteers who made close to 13,000 calls in the Primary! It made a big difference in many races, helping launch our Republican candidates into the top two. Thank you! 

Register Voters at Community Events

SacCountyGOP has sponsored information tables at many of the community events around the County. If public events resume, we’d like to have local residents at our booth to greet other members of their community. Besides registering voters, we help them check their current registration to make sure it wasn’t changed by the DMV! We also provide flyers on the latest election news – you know…things they won’t read in the newspaper. We don’t know if the traditional community events will take place this year, but sign up below just in case!

Strike Team

Do you like to talk to voters? SacCountyGOP is building a list of precinct walkers (if that kind of contact resumes..) and callers who can be activated when needed to support candidates in Sacramento County or elsewhere in the State. Other counties are doing the same and will be willing to come to Sacramento for targeted races. Join the Strike Team! 

Host A Reception At Your Home Or Business

SacCountyGOP asks you to host a group of friends, neighbors or work colleagues to hear from a party representative and our candidates. For now, those receptions can be virtual. We will provide an update on the upcoming election including ballot measures and key races, and will emphasize the difference between Republican and other party solutions to today’s issues. This can also be an opportunity to raise funds to support the work of your local Republican Party. Whether it’s on Zoom, or a neighborhood barbecue, cocktail reception, or sharing a cup of coffee, please think about getting the Republicans together in your community so they know they’re not alone! We will work with you on the invite list and can provide a speaker. 

In order to provide the services outlined above, we need to raise funds 365 days a year. To learn about opportunities to donate, and to view the items we need on our Wish List, visit the Donate page.

Please use the form below to let us know you would like to volunteer!  Thank you!

Support the Sac County GOP
Please let us know how you would like to help the SacCountyGOP succeed in this election year. If you have a specific person you are trying to reach on the SCRP Committee, please include their name in the Comment area.