Democrats currently rule in California…had enough?

There is an alternative. Register and vote Republican for solutions not soundbites.

California is now the land of robberies and vandalism with no consequences, increasing homelessness, employers fleeing the State, rising taxes, poor K-12 test scores, indoctrination of our kids, and a mismanaged water system. Our Governor has diverted funds from fire prevention, and his mismanaged agencies like the EDD are not providing taxpayers with needed services. It would be crazy to re-elect the legislators and State leaders who created this chaos.

Republicans would govern differently.  Check out the Assembly and Senate Caucus and the Republican Members of the House of Representatives to see how they approach issues with the intent to solve problems, not create new ones. 

Make a statement by re-registering Republican so the Democrat leaders understand their policies are not working, and we hold them accountable. All they care about is re-election, and increasing GOP registration will send them the message they need to hear.

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