Let’s Educate Our School Districts

It’s difficult to keep up with all of the policy decisions impacting our local schools, but the consequences of remaining uninformed and uninvolved could harm our children for the rest of their lives.

The reaction to the COVID pandemic has had a dramatic impact on schools. It is imperative that parents and taxpayers know when decisions are being made that may infringe upon parental rights.

We will include information on this page that alerts parents and taxpayers to upcoming meetings and events where your voices should be heard to make sure our kids receive the best education possible, in a healthy environment, free from indoctrination and overreach by school administrators. You can provide support to the School Board Members, teachers and administrators who want to keep politics out of these decisions.

We also encourage you to share information about local education issues with us and with your networks – this must be a team effort!  

Here’s the latest news impacting our local schools:

School Board Voter Guide

Meet the candidates endorsed by the Sacramento County and California Republican Party, running for Twin Rivers School Board and the County Board of Education.

Legislature May Remove COVID-19 Vaccine Exemptions for Kids in January

Legislature May Remove COVID-19 Vaccine Exemptions for Kids in January

Parents and taxpayers are paying attention to school boards and State mandates relating to the health of their children. In January, Senator Richard Pan is expected to introduce legislation to make the vaccine mandate for kids official, and he has even threatened to remove exemptions, as he did with the other vaccines for school children. Now is the time to contact your Legislator and let them know that parental rights to protect their kids’ health should be preserved!

Opposition to Vaccine Mandate Growing

Opposition to Vaccine Mandate Growing

If you are a parent or educator in California who is concerned about the Governor’s vaccine mandate, you are not alone! Momentum is building to support a parent’s right to protect their children’s health. And teachers, you have a right to make your own health decisions as well!

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School Boards are making important decisions now, and we want to inform parents and taxpayers when there is an opportunity to express an opinion!

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