State Legislators

Stay in touch with the State Legislators who represent you.

There will be a special election called for Senate District 1 due to the resignation of Senator Ted Gaines who was elected to the Board of Equalization.

We appreciate the important role of our Republican elected legislators, and they deserve our thanks for representing our views. It is also important for the Democrats to hear from you. The votes of your Assembly Member and State Senator impact your finances, your work, your health, your kid’s education, and your safety.

Use the contact information below to reach your Assembly Member or State Senator.

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State Senators:

Special Election (R)
District 1

Bill Dodd (D) Termed 2026
District 3
State Capitol Room #4032
(916) 651-4003

Jim Nielsen (R)
Termed 2022
District 4
State Capitol Room #5064
(916) 651-4004


Cathleen Galgiani (D) Termed 2020
District 5
State Capitol Room #5097
(916) 651-4005

Richard Pan (D)
Termed 2026
District 6
State Capitol Room #5114
(916) 651-4006

Andreas Borgeas (R)
Termed 2030
District 8
State Capitol Room #3082
(916) 651-4008

Assembly Members:

Kevin Kiley (R) Termed 2028
District 6
State Capitol Room #4153
(916) 319-2006


Kevin McCarty (D) Termed 2026
District 7
State Capitol Room #2136
(916) 319-2007

Ken Cooley (D)
Termed 2024
District 8
State Capitol Room #3013
(916) 319-2008

Jim Cooper (D)
Termed 2026
District 9
State Capitol Room #6025
(916) 319-2009

Jim Frazier (D)
Termed 2024
District 11
State Capitol Room #3091
(916) 319-2011