SacCountyGOP is working to secure our election, including the vote to recall Gavin Newsom. Below is information on our election process and your role in improving Election Integrity. Be sure to report any fraudulent activity you have witnessed!

We need Republicans to work the next election in Sacramento County!

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Secure the Recall

Democrats have placed several barriers in the way of removing incompetent elected officials. Now that the Newsom Recall has qualified, there will be a 30-day time period when petition signers will be encouraged to remove their support. Beware of Recall tables that ask you to sign a letter to your County Registrar of Voters as you may be removing your signature without knowing it!

Recall Campaign

Volunteers made all the difference in the Recall campaign. There is much more to do to encourage a “YES” vote on the Recall and to choose a replacement candidate.

We need you to be our eyes and ears in the community as Newsom’s operatives go to work to thwart his removal. Voters must submit their request in writing to their County Elections office to remove their signature, so report back to us any activity you are seeing in our county to pressure voters into removing their support.

The Recall election is expected to take place in the Fall of this year, so visit our Recall page to learn about opportunities to volunteer.

Visit the Recall campaign website for more updates.

Nina Caron, Election Integrity Officer

Nina Caron has been appointed as SacCountyGOP’s Election Integrity Officer. She will work with other counties and the CAGOP to share best practices, encourage Republicans to work the elections, and she’ll head up the poll watcher recruitment during the voting process. Nina will also join with Chair Betsy Mahan as a participant on the Sacramento County Elections Community Advisory Committee. 

How does Sac County Elections Secure the Vote?

In order to secure elections, it’s important to understand the process, including voter registration, how ballots reach voters, verification of ballots submitted, and how votes are counted.

Visit Sac County’s Election Security webpage