We only elect great candidates when we have a united team effort. The elected officials who won in 2022 benefitted from hundreds of hours of volunteer time and donated resources. Since the March 5th Presidential Primary is just around the corner, make sure you go through the Check List for 2024 below and get involved! Learn more about volunteering and sign up to make a difference at this link!

Special Elections in Two School Districts This November!

Special elections will take place in the San Juan (Area 7) and Natomas (Area 4) School Districts with the final day to vote on Tuesday, November 7, 2023. SacCountyGOP has endorsed Manuel Perez in San Juan USD and Monique Hokman in Natomas USD!

Ballots will begin arriving Friday, October 6th.

View your voting locations.

Seats Up in March of 2024

The March 5 Primary will include elections for President, US Senate, House of Representatives, State Senate, State Assembly, Central Committee, Superior Court, County Board of Education, Twin Rivers USD, Board of Supervisors, and Sacramento City Council.

View the list of all seats at this link.

Learn About Running for Office in 2024

Thinking of running for office? Here’s some helpful resources:

Sac County Elections Candidate Guide for March 2024

Find Your Districts

View the List of Elected Officials and note when they are up for re-election

View the latest Report of Registration 

See Who is Donating

Let SacCountyGOP know of your interest in running.

Running for Central Committee

All counties organize their Central Committee elections a little differently, but all are guided by the Election Code as well as the CAGOP’s requirement that elections take place.

Here’s how you can run for a seat on the Sacramento County Republican Central Committee

  • Our districts use Board of Supervisors boundaries.
  • Every four years, the number of seats in each district is determined based on Republican registration. In 2024, we expect Sac County Elections to confirm there will be 4 seats in District 1, 4 seats in District 2, 8 seats in District 3, 9 seats in District 4, and 8 seats in District 5. (learn more below)
  • You can look up the Supervisor District lines on our website.
  • You can file Declarations of Candidacy and Nomination papers starting September 29th, and 20 signatures from Republicans in good standing in your Supervisor District must be submitted by December 8.
  • Make a copy of the blank signature form and collect extra in case you need to turn in more.
  • Turn in signatures early in case some are not valid. The County Elections office will let you know how many you need if you check back before the deadline.
  • Be prepared to provide contact information that will be available to the public.
  • Your name will only appear on the March 2024 ballot if there are more candidates than seats in your district.
  • Candidates for Central Committee will not have access to GOP Database or Campaign Sidekick. We suggest you purchase a copy of the Voter Roll that includes names and contact info for all Sac County Voters with districts noted.
  • The current Central Committee will not be making endorsements, but individual Members may do so as long as they don’t infer it is a Committee endorsement.

From the Secretary of State:

The statutory deadline of January 31, 2024 (E-34), to calculate the number of central committee members to be elected, occurs after the nomination period opens on September 29, 2023 (E-158). (See, Elec. Code, § 8020(b).)

For these reasons, the Secretary of State recommends that county elections officials compute the number of central committee members in their county by September 12, 2023 (E-175). This recommendation is based on the deadline set forth in the Elections Code for the Green Party.

In most counties, the calculation of the number of central committee members is based on the number of votes cast in the appropriate district at the last gubernatorial election for the party’s candidate for Governor. Each county elections official should review the Elections Code for the appropriate formula to make the determination. Additionally, the Secretary of State recommends that county elections officials notify the appropriate county central committees of the results of that calculation by September 12, 2023 (E-175).

Candidate and Volunteer Trainings

The CAGOP and the SacCountyGOP will have special events and trainings for Republican candidates and volunteers in the March and November elections.

Trainings scheduled at the CAGOP headquarters in downtown Sacramento:

1/6/24 @ 10 AM – 2 PM: Intro to Fundraising
2/10/24 @ 10 AM – 2 PM: Policy Bootcamp
4/20/24 @ 10 AM – 2 PM: Communications & Media Training
CAGOP Virtual Zoom Training Schedule:

1/27/24 @ 10 AM – 2 PM: All About Digital: Harnessing the Power or Advertising, Texting, Emailing
Sign up to attend CAGOP trainings at this link: https://www.cagop.org/s/trailblazers-attend
Open House events with the Candidates and other opportunities to meet voters will be listed on the Upcoming Events page.

Check Your Voter Registration

Just in case the DMV changed your registration, and to make sure you can vote in the Republican Presidential Primary, check your registration status.

Sign Up for eNews

SacCountyGOP emails a monthly newsletter that includes upcoming events, news about local politics, and action alerts. Sign up here!

Join the 1776 Donor Club

SacCountyGOP is an all-volunteer run operation with a headquarters and an active community presence. The only way we can sustain this program is to rely on donations from individuals and local organizations.

Contrary to popular belief, we do NOT receive funds from the state or national Republican Party, or any candidates. So when you donate to the RNC, President Trump, or the CAGOP, that does not trickle down to us.

We have a donor program called the 1776 Club where members make monthly or quarterly online donations to help cover our operational costs such as rent, printing, and fees for booths at community events. Club members receive discounts on Watch Parties and other special events.

As mentioned above, no one receives a salary at SacCountyGOP, and too often, our volunteers are the ones who also donate money to keep the lights on. Please join them and sign up online for a recurring donation. Knowing we can depend on that regular contribution helps us plan for the next election.

Learn more and sign up here.


It’s a lot of fun, and so rewarding to volunteer at SacCountyGOP. We will train you to walk, phone, and greet voters who will support our Republican candidates in the next election.

We will be gearing up for the 2024 Election by participating in the County and State Fairs, and community events in Fair Oaks, Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, and Carmichael. Let us know if there is a community event in your area that we should visit. Email Barbara@SacCountyGOP.com

Learn about volunteering and sign up at this link.

The March 5th Presidential Primary will be upon us very soon!

Here are some Key Dates & Deadlines:

September 14-November 8, 2023 – Signatures-In-Lieu of Filing Period

September 29-December 8, 2023 – County Central Committee Candidates file declarations of candidacy and nomination papers.

November 13-December 8, 2023 – Declaration of Candidacy and Nomination Paper Period, and Candidate Statement Period for County Voter Information Guides (House of Representatives and State Legislature)

If you’re thinking of running for office in 2024, let us know!

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