General Election Voter Guide

With all Sacramento County ballots counted, below is the list of winning candidates and ballot measure positions endorsed by the SacCountyGOP. To view all Sacramento County results, click here. For statewide results, click here

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With the election of Senator Ted Gaines to the Board of Equalization, his seat will be vacated the first week in January at which time the Governor will call for a special election. To date, Republican candidates who have expressed an interest in the seat include Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, Assemblyman Brian Dahle, former Assemblywoman Beth Gaines, and Rex Hime, Director of the Business Properties Association. As soon as the filing ends, we will profile each candidate on this page.

Senator Ted Gaines for Board of Equalization - District 1

51.7% Districtwide
43% Sacramento County

Senator Jim Nielsen for Re-Election - District 4

57.2% Districtwide
51% Sacramento

Supervisor Andreas Borgeas for Senate - District 8

59.7% Districtwide
57% Sacramento

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley for Re-Election - District 6

58.1% Districtwide
55% Sacramento

Citrus Heights City Council

Council Member Jeannie Bruins
26% (1st of 3)
Council Member Steve Miller
21% (2nd of 3)

Galt City Council

Rich Lozano
15% (3rd of 3)

Rancho Cordova City Council

Council Member Linda Budge
38% (1st of 2)

Folsom City Council

Sarah Aquino
14% (1st of 3)
Mike Kozlowski
12% (2nd of 3)

Folsom Cordova Unified School District

Joshua Hoover
27% (1st of 3)
David Reid
26% (2nd of 3)
Board Member Ed Short
23% (3rd of 3)


Local Measures:

No on City of Folsom Measure E (0.5 percent sales tax increase to be used for general purposes) 70%

Statewide Measures:

Prop. 2 – No Place Like Home (Support – 63.2%) – the Legislature recently put this measure on the ballot to allow existing mental health funds to to be used for homeless programs. Currently, people who are homeless cannot qualify for mental health services because of residency requirements, leaving the most vulnerable, and sometimes violent, without assistance. The County of Sacramento includes a population of homeless people, 50% of whom have mental health issues. This measure uses existing funds and does not require a tax increase. Learn more.
Prop. 7 – Daylight Savings Time (Support – 59.9%) – the Legislature would be authorized by 2/3 vote to take advantage of federal law, should it change, to change daylight savings time. Federal action is required before changes can be considered.
Prop. 8 – Regulation of Kidney Dialysis Clinics (Oppose – 60.7%) – the unions are seeking to control private kidney dialysis clinics by placing a cap on revenues, potentially impacting care for critically ill patients. Learn more.
Prop. 10 – Expanding Rent Control (Oppose – 60.1%) – allows local governments to impose stronger rent controls, even though the practice is not working to keep prices down in New York or other big cities. This will result in fewer rental properties when California needs more affordable housing, not less. Learn more.
Prop. 11 – Ambulance Employees On Call During Breaks (Support – 59.8%) – the Legislature wouldn’t solve this, so it had to go to a vote of the people. Emergency response drivers would be able to respond to a call even if they are on a break. Learn more.