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Governor Newsom Doesn’t Let a Crisis Go To Waste and Mandates Vote By Mail

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Governor Newsom now demands that all voters receive a mailed ballot, something that has been on the Democrat’s wish list for years. When the Voters Choice Act was passed, only a handful of counties agreed to opt in. Now they have no choice. At a time when counties will be cutting services because of failing pension funds and loss of revenue due to COVID-19 mandates, they will have to re-prioritize funds to pay for mailed ballots to all registered voters. 

Evidently, he doesn’t have concern for his operatives who are going door to door to harvest ballots. As long as his team wins, they are expendable, as well as the voters they are contacting. We are so pleased that this tactic did not work in the May 12 Special Elections where Republicans outworked Democrats and elected Mike Garcia and Melissa Melendez!

Final March 3rd Election Results – 50% Turnout

We are very pleased with the results from the March 3rd election with all of our Sacramento-based state and federal candidates voted into the top two run-off in November. Congrats to Supervisor Sue Frost who was recognized for her hard work on behalf of her constituents, winning re-election with a commanding 75% lead over her opponent.

Of the 210,222 registered Republican voters in Sacramento County, 56.67% cast ballots. Democrat turnout was 59.08% and No Party Preference (NPP) was 29.94%. We need to improve the Republican turnout in the General Election. If we do, we can gain some seats.

The Governor extended the time period to count results statewide by 21 days. Below you will see the final results in Sacramento County, with district-wide results noted for multi-county districts. If our candidate is not expected to make it into the November election, they are still listed and we thank them for stepping up.

Click here for a complete list of Sacramento County election results.

Top Two Local Election Results: 

Sacramento County Board of Supervisors 

District 3

Rich Desmond (NPP) 32,075 (42%)
Gregg Fishman (Dem) 19,446 (25%)

District 4

*Sue Frost (Rep) 54,073 (75%) Won
Bridget Duffy (NPP) 17,494 (24%)

Sacramento City Council

District 2

Allen Warren (Dem) 3,210 (39%)
Sean Loloee (Dem) 2,191 (26%)
*Lamar Jefferson (Rep) 834 (10%)

Top Two Federal Election Results:



*Donald J. Trump (Rep) 102,666 (92%)
Joe Walsh (Rep) 3,181 (3%)


Trump – 2,271,798 (90%)
Ardini – 74,221 (3%)


Bernie Sanders (Dem) 78,517 (33%)
Joseph R. Biden (Dem) 69,700 (30%)


Sanders – 2,063,654 (36%)
Biden – 1,606,771 (28%)


District 3

*Tamika Hamilton (Rep) 2,508 (31%)
John Garamendi (Dem) 3,967 (49%)


*Hamilton – 50,594 (27%)
Garamendi – 108,138 (59%)

District 6

*Christine Bish (Rep) 22,335 (14%)
Doris Matsui (Dem) 111,566 (71%)


*Bish – 24,264 (14%)
Matsui – 119,042 (70%)

District 7

*Robert “Buzz” Patterson (Rep) 70,803 (34%)
Ami Bera (Dem) 106,124 (50%)

District 9

Tony Amador (Rep) 2,990 (44%)
Jerry McNerney (Dem) 2,826 (42%)


Amador – 45,962 (30%)
McNerney – 86,556 (57%)

*Endorsed by SacCountyGOP


Top Two State Election Results:


District 6

*Kevin Kiley (Rep) 26,105 (56%)
Jackie Smith (Dem) 20,633 (44%)


Kiley – 104,412 (58%)
Smith – 75,557 (42%)

District 8

*Cathy Cook (Rep) 55,376 (43%)
Ken Cooley (Dem) 73,444 (57%)

District 9

*Eric Rigard (Rep) 25,018 (25%)
Jim Cooper (Dem) 45,310 (46%)


*Rigard – 33,997 (29%)
Cooper – 50,609 (44%)

District 11

Debra Schwab (Write-in Rep)
Jim Frazier (Dem) (100%)


District 1

*Brian Dahle (Rep) 26,748 (54%)
Pamela Dawn Swartz (Dem) 20,163 (40%)


*Dahle – 200,524 (58%)
Swartz – 125,573 (36%)

District 3

*Carlos Santamaria (Write-in Rep) 
Bill Dodd (Dem) 1,009 (100%)


*Carlos Santamaria (Write-in Rep) 
Bill Dodd (Dem) 209,566 (100%)

District 5

Jim Ridenour (Rep) 1,843 (27%)
Susan Eggman (Dem) 1,870 (27%)
*Jesus Andrade (Rep) 1,405 (20%)


Jim Ridenour (Rep) 48,369 (24%)
Susan Eggman (Dem) 70,359 (35%)
*Jesus Andrade (Rep) 32,454 (16%)


Proposition 13 (School Construction Bond)

*No – 209,454 (53%)
Yes – 184,429 (47%)


*No – 4,839,662 (53%)
Yes – 4,282,173 (47%)

*Endorsed by SacCountyGOP


November Election Calendar of Important Dates

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Ballot Measures for November 3 General Election

Attorney General Title & SCRP Position

  • Referendum to Overturn a 2018 Law that Replaced Money Bail System with a System Based on Public Safety Risk (Text)
    SacCountyGOP Position: No (vote “No” to support the bail bond system)
  • Restricts Parole for Non-Violent Offenders. Authorizes Felony Sentences for Certain Offenses Currently Treated Only as Misdemeanors (Text)
    SacCountyGOP Position: Yes (vote “Yes” to provide stricter penalties for violent crimes)
    For more information visit:
  • Requires Certain Commercial and Industrial Real Property to be Taxed Based on Fair-Market Value. Dedicates Portion of Any Increased Revenues to Education and Local Services. (Text)
    SacCountyGOP Position: No (vote “No” to support Proposition 13)
    For more information visit:

Initiative and Referendum Proposals Pending Review by the Attorney General

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