Voter Guide


Primary Election Calendar: Key Dates & Deadlines

Sept 12 – Nov 6, 2019: Signatures-In-Lieu of Filing Period

Sept 27 – Dec 6, 2019 : Central Committee Nomination Period

Nov 12 – Dec 6, 2019: Declaration of Candidacy and Nomination Paper Period

Jan 6 – Feb 18, 2020: Statement of Write-In Candidacy and Nomination Paper Period

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Ballot Measures for November 3 General Election

Attorney General Title & SCRP Position

  • Referendum to Overturn a 2018 Law that Replaced Money Bail System with a System Based on Public Safety Risk (Text)
    SacCountyGOP Position: No (vote “No” to support the bail bond system)
  • Restricts Parole for Non-Violent Offenders. Authorizes Felony Sentences for Certain Offenses Currently Treated Only as Misdemeanors (Text)
    SacCountyGOP Position: Yes (vote “Yes” to provide stricter penalties for violent crimes)
    For more information visit:
  • Requires Certain Commercial and Industrial Real Property to be Taxed Based on Fair-Market Value. Dedicates Portion of Any Increased Revenues to Education and Local Services. (Text)
    SacCountyGOP Position: No (vote “No” to support Proposition 13)
    For more information visit:

Initiative and Referendum Proposals Pending Review by the Attorney General

Restore America Now (RAN Action Fund) led by Erin Cruz, is now circulating petitions. You can learn more on their website. Use this link to Download a Petition. Local Contact: Orrin Heatlie – 916.761.2312