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About the 2022 Elections

So much is up in the air for our Primary Election in 2022. Because the Redistricting Commission will receive Census data late, they may not have district lines finalized until February of 2022! The Legislature is considering moving the Primary to a later date, e.g. August.

If you’re thinking of running for office, check out the positions up in June of 2022 (or whenever…), view the important filing dates, and then visit the 2022 Election page for more helpful info! Not sure which districts you are in? Sac County voters can visit this link.

Want to know who has filed their intent to run in Sacramento County? Visit this page on the Sac Elections website to search by name, or click on Elections to search all upcoming elections.

Find out about city elections by contacting the City Clerk – this link lists all City Clerks in Sacramento County.

Paid election worker positions will be available for the Recall and for the 2022 Election cycle. Learn more and sign up to work the election at this link!

In addition to the upcoming Recall of Gavin Newsom, there are local Recalls pending. Learn more at this link.

We will keep you up-to-date on the Citizen’s Redistricting Commission, including opportunities for the public to comment on preliminary district lines for the California Legislature and Congress. Learn more about the County’s redistricting at this link.

Redistricting Timeline: 2021-22

  • February-May: Education Presentations
  • June-October: Public Input Meetings (COI)
  • September 30: Census Data Expected to the State
  • October 31: Census Data Expected to the Commission
  • November-December: Public Input Meetings/Line Drawing Sessions (pre district maps)
  • December: Draft District Maps Released
  • January: Public Input Meetings/Line Drawing Sessions
  • February: Draft District Maps Released
  • February 15: Final District Maps to Secretary of State

To submit public input today using the COI tool, please visit:

Seats up in Primary Election

Currently Scheduled for June 7, 2022

US Senate
California (Padilla)

House of Representatives
CD 3 (Garamendi)
CD 6 (Matsui)
CD 7 (Bera)
CD 9 (McNerney)

State Offices
Governor (Newsom)
Lt. Governor (Kounalakis)
Secy. of State (Weber)
Controller (Yee)
Treasurer (Ma)
Atty. General (Bonta)
Insurance Commissioner (Lara)
D-1 Bd. of Equalization (Gaines)
Supt. Public Instruction (Thurmond)

SD 4 (Nielsen Termed Out)
SD 6 (Pan Termed Out)
SD 8 (Borgeas)
AD 6 (Kiley)
AD 7 (McCarty)
AD 8 (Cooley)
AD 9 (Cooper Running for Sheriff?)
AD 11 (Frazier)

Sacramento County
Assessor (Wynn)
District Attorney (Schubert Running for AG)
Sheriff (Jones Retiring)

Board of Supervisors
D-1 (Serna)
D-2 (Kennedy)
D-5 (Nottoli Retiring)

Board of Education
Area 1 (Lefkovitz)
Area 2 (Talamantes)
Area 3 (Keefer)

Superior Court Judges

Sacramento City Council
D-1 (Ashby Running for Senate)
D-3 (Harris)
D-5 (Schenirer)
D-7 (Jennings)

Twin Rivers USD
Area 2 (Rivas)
Area 4 (Bastian)
Area 6 (Sandoval)

All other local offices up in November

View the List of All Elected Officials with Next Election Dates


Questions about voting or running for office?

Call Sacramento County Elections
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