Regular Members of the Sacramento County Republican Central Committee were elected in 2020. These members will serve for four years, representing the five Supervisorial Districts in Sacramento County. Vacancies are filled by a vote of the current Committee. If you wish to reach any of these Members, please email and let us know the person you would like to contact.

Members of the Sacramento County Republican Central Committee

District 1 (map)
Stephen Duvernay (Alt: Sadie Foster)
Micah Grant (Alt: Janae Grant)
Kendra Johnson
1 Vacancy

District 2 (map)
Brenda Bennett (Alt: Della Reese Jenkins)
Taylor Brown
2 Vacancies

District 3 (map)
Nick Bloise (Alt: W. Bruce Lee)
Carl Burton
Mark Cullum (Alt: Adam Felton)
Christian Forte
Wyatt Juntunen 
Andrew Levy (Alt: Karen Juten)
Rob Olmstead

District 4 (map)
Kevin Bassett
Nina Caron
Mona Graham (Alt: Lisa Ladd)
Matt Hedges
Tanya Morales
Rosario Rodriguez
Anna Rohrbough
Aaron Silva
Barbara Sloan 

District 5 (map)
Bill Cardoza (Alt: Carl Brickey)
Sarah Couch
Kimberly Kennedy-Woods
Betsy Mahan (Alt: Carol Fogle)
Janet McKibben
Merna Story
Mike Story
1 Vacancy


AD 6 – Cathy Cook
AD 7 – Josh Hoover
AD 9 – Hon. Heath Flora

SD 6 – Roger Niello
SD 8 – Susan Mason 

CD 3 – Hon. Kevin Kiley (Alternate: John Reynen)
CD 6 – Tamika Hamilton
CD 7 – Max Semenenko

Click here if you are a Committee Member and need an Alternate Appointment Form

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