SCRP Central Committee

Regular Members of the Sacramento County Republican Central Committee were elected in 2016. These members will serve for four years, representing the five Supervisorial Districts in Sacramento County. Vacancies are filled by a vote of the current Committee. If you wish to reach any of these Members, please email and let us know the person you would like to contact.

Members of the Sacramento County Republican Central Committee

District 1 (map)
Steve Duvernay (Alternate: Leslie Smith)
Micah Grant
Stephanie Hage
Diane Leverich (Alternate: Lorin Meeks-Harris)

District 2 (map)
Brenda Bennett (Alternate: Della Reese Jenkins)
Taylor Brown

District 3 (map)
Nick Bloise (Alternate: Cathy Cook)
Carl Burton
Roger Canfield (Alternate: Karen Juten)
Mark Cullum
Andrew Levy (Alternate: Ken Payne)
Nghia Nguyen
Rob Olmstead

District 4 (map)
Kevin Bassett
Patsy Dixon
Jack Frost
Matt Hedges
Bereket Kelile
Tanya Morales
Rosario Rodriguez
Barbara Sloan
Dean Talley

District 5 (map)
Lance Clothier
Sarah Couch
Kimberley Kennedy-Woods
Betsy Mahan
Susan Alene Mason (Alternate: Lynda Hammitt)
Janet McKibben
Mike Story


AD 6 – Hon. Kevin Kiley (Alternate: John Reynen)
AD 7 – Scott Schmidt (Alternate: Brice Adams)
AD 8 – Melinda Avey
AD 11 – Lisa Romero
SD 1 – Hon. Brian Dahle ( Alternate: David Orosco)
SD 3 – Greg Coppes
SD 4 – Hon. Jim Nielsen (Alternate: Colin Sueyres)
SD 5 – Alan Nakanishi (Alternate: Christopher M. Finarelli)
SD 8 – Hon. Andreas Borgeas (Alternate: Julie Sauls)
CD 3 – Charlie Schaupp
CD 7 – Andrew Grant
CD 9 – Marla Livengood

Click here if you are a Committee Member and need an Alternate Appointment Form

How to Run for County Central Committee (SacCountyGOP)

Republican County Central Committee Members are elected every four years during the Presidential Primary. Their districts are the same as County Supervisor districts. To view a list of the current members who serve, visit the Central Committee page on this site. Click on the map links to view the districts they currently represent.

Starting September 27, visit the Sacramento County Elections office, located at 7000 65th Street, Ste. A, Sacramento (off Florin Road) Monday thru Friday, 8am – 5pm. You must pick up your petition to run for Central Committee in person. There is no cost to run for this office. You will need to collect 20 valid signatures from registered Republican voters in your County Supervisor district. Be sure to collect more than you need in case some signers don’t qualify. Do it early so you have time to gather more if needed. The deadline is December 6th.

Once the County Elections office certifies that you have filed at least 20 valid signatures from Republican voters in your Supervisor District, you are a qualified candidate for the March 3rd Republican ballot. Each district has a different number of seats, depending on Republican registration. Following is the breakdown:

District 1: 4 seats
District 2: 4 seats
District 3: 7 seats
District 4: 9 seats
District 5: 8 seats
If there are more candidates in your district that have qualified than seats available, your name will be on the ballot. It is your responsibility to go out and meet Republicans to encourage them to vote for you. If there is an equal or lesser number of candidates qualified for the ballot in your district – you’re elected and will begin serving in January of 2021.