A Closer Look at the March Election Results

Updated March 22, 2024

Sacramento County Elections Department has reported there are less than 100 ballots to be tabulated. Here’s some highlights that will set the course for the November Election.

  • State Proposition 1 (Bonds for Homeless Programs) is narrowly winning with 50.2% of the statewide vote. AP has called it a winner, but Gov. Newsom cancelled the State of the State speech because it was still not confirmed.
  • Donald Trump is now the official nominee for re-election as President of the USA and SacCountyGOP will host phone banks and any other programs that the RNC brings our way to support the re-election of the President. We have also designed a Trump yard sign that will be available at the end of March. If at least twenty people sign up to order larger signs, we will get those printed as well.
  • Steve Garvey topped the long list of candidates in the race for the U.S. Senate and will face Adam Schiff in November. 
  • Congressman Kevin Kiley (CD 3) has a sizeable lead (56%) over his Democrat opponent who currently serves in Gavin Newsom’s administration. Democrats have targeted this district so we will all need to work hard to ensure Kiley’s re-election.
  • Three Republicans split the conservative vote in Congressional District 6 and Chris Bish is leading with 20%, enough to make the top two and face Ami Bera in November. Many thanks to our endorsed candidate Craig DeLuz. We will continue to support his good work as a member of the Robla School District Board of Trustees.
  • Veteran Tom Silva (CD 7) and Dr. Vinaya Singh (AD 10) made the top two in their races with each getting over 30% of the vote.
  • Republican Nikki Ellis (AD 6) is in second place with 14% of the vote in a field of ten candidates. Endorsed candidate Preston Romero was close behind Ellis and we thank him for running a great race. Ellis will face off against Maggy Krell in November.
  • Assemblyman Flora (AD 9) is well on his way to re-election, and Assemblyman Josh Hoover’s (AD 7) votes are outnumbering the total of his two Democrat opponents. The Hoover race is also a target of the Democrats who will put money and resources behind Citrus Heights Councilwoman Porsche Middleton to take back this seat they lost in 2022. This race will require us to go all in with resources and support to re-elect Josh Hoover.
  • Sacramento County includes a very small area of Assembly District 11 and State Senate District 3. Congrats to Dave Ennis who will be the nominee in AD 11, and to Thom Bogue who will face off against Christopher Cabaldon in SD 3.
  • County Board of Education Member Heather Davis will be re-elected for a third term in the 6th District. Many thanks to Jay Martinez who ran in a large field of candidates in the 4th District. He came in a close third behind two well-funded Democrats. Jay did win a seat on our Central Committee and will remain active in SacCountyGOP.
  • Folsom Councilwoman Rosario Rodriguez has avoided a November run-off achieving over 51%. She will succeed Sue Frost as the Supervisor for District 4.
  • Law enforcement’s candidate for Superior Court Judge Amy Holliday is winning with close to 59% of the vote.
  • There will be a run-off between Socialist Flo Cofer and Kevin McCarty for Mayor of Sacramento. McCarty and third place candidate Richard Pan were only separated by 293 votes for second place.
  • Moderate Democrat Phil Pluckebaum took out incumbent Socialist Katie Valenzuela in the 4th City of Sacramento Council District, avoiding a run-off with just over 50% of the vote.
  • City of Sacramento Measure C, that would have significantly burdened businesses and professionals with a fee increase, was soundly defeated.
  • The newly elected Central Committee will take office at the January 2025 Organizing meeting where leadership will be elected and new bylaws approved. View the new Committee list.

What we learned in this March Election:

  • The low turnout was primarily due to a lack of competition in the Presidential Primaries. Turnout in Sacramento was just under 40%. We expect November to be much higher with the Presidential and U.S. Senate races, and State Ballot Measures driving turnout.
  • Sac County Republican voters exceeded their 25% registration and represented 33% of the vote (a 42% turnout compared to Democrat’s 36%).
  • CAGOP data shows that voters 65 and older were the largest voting block representing 43% of the vote.
  • Having a strong Republican candidate in the U.S. Senate race will help all candidates down the ticket, but requires a strong statewide campaign to make the difference.
  • Voters were not comfortable with the negative messaging coming from some candidates running against fellow Republicans. We encourage all candidates running in November to show that we are united, civil, and ready to lead California and the Nation back to sane policies that will benefit everyone.
  • Demonstrating that we will focus on restoring our economy with lower food, energy and gas prices, safety in our neighborhoods, business centers and schools, and getting back to academic achievement in public education with transparency that informs families and protects kids will bring the voters in that can make the difference and help our candidates win.

The Secretary of State will certify the election on April 12th. Republican nominees who prevailed in the Primary will take their seats as Ex-Officio’s at SacCountyGOP’s April 17th Committee meeting.

Congrats to all who won, and many thanks to our endorsed candidates for making us proud to support you.

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