Recall Newsom Signature Drive & Phone Bank

SacCountyGOP is hosting a call center for the California Republican Party (CAGOP) through March 6th. There will be two shifts, Monday through Saturday, one at 11am and a second at 1pm where volunteers can learn about the Campaign Sidekick phoning system. Then you can either call from home, or continue to call from headquarters. You will need to use a computer, tablet or your smart phone if you are calling from home. A script is provided, and you will be speaking with Republican voters in the Central Valley who have received a mailing from the CAGOP that includes the Recall petition. Sign up online to schedule your training and calling session(s).

Questions? Our office is open Monday thru Friday from 10am – 3pm. Call (916) 822-5618.

Come by our headquarters to drop off signed petitions or to sign yourself! It doesn’t matter where you are registered, as long as we make sure you sign on a petition designated for your county.

Volunteers weathered the storm in Citrus Heights, collecting signatures for the Recall!

We are also hosting signing tables – bring by people who haven’t signed yet!  Email for details.

Next event:
February 28 (starting at 1pm) at Walmart on Greenback in Orangevale

Also available at SacCountyGOP headquarters.

The February 6th Recall Open House and Book Signing with Assemblyman Kiley was a great success!  Dozens of volunteers were trained to make calls to voters about the recall petition, and thousands of calls have already been made!

SacCountyGOP turned in 175 signatures just for the first week in February thanks to this event and people of all parties coming into our headquarters.

Purchase Assemblyman Kiley’s book at this link.