Recall Newsom

SacCountyGOP hosted a call center for the California Republican Party (CAGOP) through March 6th. Volunteers made 11,162 calls to voters who had received the Recall petition in the mail!

This success was due to the hard work and dedication of many volunteers, including our call center director Mike Story, and Merna Story who was the top caller in the entire state of California!

Thanks also to Barbara Sloan for organizing several signing events throughout Sacramento! Congrats and many thanks to all!

Secure the Recall Election

SacCountyGOP is working closely with the CAGOP and other organizations to make sure your recall vote gets counted. One way to secure the election is to have more Republicans working in the Elections Department! Paid positions are available in every election. Please visit this link to learn more and sign up!

BEWARE! Newsom supporters STOLE “Stop the Steal” – maybe Facebook will allow that slogan now. Not kidding – the anti-Recall PAC is called Stop the Steal! Don’t give them a dime!

Important! After the Secretary of State confirms the Recall can move forward there will be a 30-day period where signers can remove their signature. Be aware of petition circulators in your community who may be confusing voters about the Recall, making them think they need to sign again. This has happened in previous Recalls, and it most certainly will be attempted again. If you see this kind of activity, verify as much as you can, and click on the link below to send us details asap!

Over 2.1 million signatures have been filed with counties throughout California, and they have until April 29 to verify signatures. Then the Secretary of State must announce the results by May 10. At that point, the Democrats’ delay tactics are triggered as voters will have 30 days to submit paperwork to have their support removed. PLEASE REPORT ANY EVIDENCE OF NEWSOM OPERATIVES WHO MIGHT USE MISINFORMATION TO ENCOURAGE SIGNING! After this 30-day time period, if enough signatures remain, the State Dept. of Finance will estimate the costs of the recall (no time limit), and then the Legislature gets to sit around and think about it for 30 more days. After this, the Lt. Governor must call an election within 60-80 days.

Also available at SacCountyGOP headquarters.

The Recall Road Trip Rally at the State Capitol featured guest speakers including Assemblyman & Author Kevin Kiley, conservative activist Scott Presler, CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson, Regional Vice Chair Corrin Rankin and Congressional Candidate Buzz Patterson.

Purchase Assemblyman Kiley’s book¬†at this link.