November 2020 Ballot Measures

Below are the positions taken by the California Republican Party (CAGOP) and the Sacramento County Republican Party (SCRP).

Local Measures: SCRP Positions

No on Measure A – Strong Mayor – City of Sacramento
No on Measure M – Tax Increase – Citrus Heights
No on Measure R – Tax Increase – Rancho Cordova

State Measures:

Attorney General Title provided for recognition on the ballot…not because it’s accurate.

  • Proposition 14 (Bonds for Research) Authorizes Bonds to Continue Funding Stem Cell and Other
    Medical Research. Initiative Statute. (SCRP/CAGOP – Oppose)
  • Proposition 15 (Split Roll Tax) Increases Funding for Public Schools, Community Colleges, and Local Government Services by Changing Tax Assessment of Commercial and Industrial Property. Initiative Constitutional Amendment. (No on Split-Roll Tax – SCRP/CAGOP Oppose)
  • Proposition 16 (Affirmative Action) Government preferences. (ACA 5, Resolution Chapter 23, Statutes of 2020) (Keep Discrimination Illegal SCRP/CAGOP Oppose)
  • Proposition 17 (Voting Rights for Parolees) Elections: disqualification of electors. (ACA 6, Resolution Chapter 24, Statutes of 2020) (SCRP/CAGOP Oppose)
  • Proposition 18 (Voting Rights for 17-Year-Olds) Elections: voting age. (ACA 4, Resolution Chapter 30, Statutes of 2020) (SCRP/CAGOP Oppose)
  • Proposition 19 (Tax Base Protection) The Home Protection for Seniors, Severely Disabled, Families, and Victims of Wildfire or Natural Disasters Act. (ACA 11, Resolution Chapter 31, Statutes of 2020) – HJTASCRP Oppose
  • Proposition 20 (Public Safety) Restricts Parole for Non-Violent Offenders. Authorizes Felony Sentences for Certain Offenses Currently Treated Only as Misdemeanors. Initiative Statute. (Keep California Safe Act – SCRP/CAGOP Support)
  • Proposition 21 (Rent Control) Expands Local Governments’ Authority to Enact Rent Control on Residential Property. Initiative Statute. (SCRP/CAGOP Oppose)
  • Proposition 22 (AB 5 Carve Out) Changes Employment Classification Rules for App-Based Transportation and Delivery Drivers. Initiative Statute. (Save App-Based Jobs & Services SCRP/CAGOP Support)
  • Proposition 23 (Kidney Dialysis) Authorizes State Regulation of Kidney Dialysis Clinics. Establishes Minimum Staffing and Other Requirements. Initiative Statute. No on 23 (SCRP/CAGOP Oppose)
  • Proposition 24 (Digital Privacy) Amends Consumer Privacy Laws. Initiative Statute. (SCRP/CAGOP Oppose)