Making Our Communities Safe


Sacramento County Republican Party Highlights Community Safety Issues at Presidents’ Day Dinner

Sheriff Scott Jones was the keynote speaker at the March 1, 2018 Presidents’ Day Dinner, hosted by the Sacramento County Republican Party (SCRP). During his presentation, the Sheriff described the challenges of being a law enforcement official working under laws passed by the Democrat-controlled Legislature and led by Governor Jerry Brown. The Sacramento County Republican Party recognizes that crime is an issue that impacts everyone in our community. While the Democrats continue to pass laws that result in fewer consequences for criminal acts, voters will realize they were lied to, especially when Propositions 47 and 57 where promoted as safety measures.

As the election approaches, SCRP will inform voters about the differences between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to supporting victims vs. criminals. We will not hesitate to present the facts with the goal of keeping all law-abiding residents in our communities safe. And we will share articles from elected leaders like Senator Mike Morrell who sees first-hand what legislators in Sacramento are doing to weaken our criminal justice system. Read an excerpt from a recent article below, and check back often as we keep Sacramento County residents informed.

Hope For California
By Senator Mike Morrell 

Special to the Capitol Update – a publication provided by the California Federation of Republican Women

“First, 40 years of one-party rule by Senate Democrats in Sacramento has reached a tipping point. They have overstepped their bounds and voters are becoming more aware of the negative effects. They have recklessly pursued an agenda of progressive/socialistic policies that expand the bureaucratic state and affect us economically, politically, and spiritually.

On their watch, education rankings have dropped to 44th in the country. California has at least 34 percent of the entire nation’s welfare caseload. We have the highest state sales tax and now among the highest gas and car taxes.

For over a decade, surveys of 500 CEOs around America have rated California the worst place to do business. During the same period, we have seen a net loss of one million residents.

Perhaps most egregious is what is happening to public safety. Laws created by the governor and Democratic legislators to release at least 40,000 convicted felons into our neighborhoods have put our loved ones in harm’s way. Now a judge has ruled that another 10,000 sex offenders should be eligible for early parole.

Their policies have failed us.”

State Senator Mike Morrell represents the 23rd Senate District in the California State Legislature, which includes portions of Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles counties.