By Betsy Mahan, SacCountyGOP Chair

As the year we’ve been anxiously awaiting has arrived – so we can retire Joe Biden – it’s time to take one look back at 2023. This was supposed to be an off-election year when we could spend our time recuperating from 2022 and prepping for the next election. Instead, we found ourselves faced with an opportunity to elect two new school board members in special elections.

Special Elections
SacCountyGOP decided to go all in to support Manuel Perez in the San Juan School District, and Monique Hokman in Natomas. Both were excellent candidates who were parents, active in their communities, on a mission to restore parental rights and get educators back to a focus on academic achievement. Our volunteers made over 5500 calls, sent over 9000 texts and over 9000 emails, and walked dozens of precincts for the candidates. We appreciate the hard work put in by both candidates and their teams (led by Ian Jasiewicz and Micah Grant), and congratulate Manuel Perez on his victory. 

Elected Officials
In addition to close to 100 Republicans elected at the local level, Sacramento County is fortunate to have two Republican Assemblymen (Josh Hoover and Heath Flora), State Senator Roger Niello and Congressman Kevin Kiley. The increase in registered Republicans in our County (from 214,655 in April to 216,111 in November) is a positive trend that will help keep these Republicans in office.

This year, we were saddened by the announcement from Supervisor Sue Frost that she would not seek re-election. She has had a very distinguished career in the political arena. We thank her for many years of service and wish her and husband Jack Frost much happiness in their retirement. We are very pleased that Supervisor Frost joined SacCountyGOP in endorsing Folsom Councilwoman Rosario Rodriquez for this seat. 

Community Events
Every year, SacCountyGOP hosts booths and information tables at community events and the County and State Fairs. I’d like to thank Committee Member Barbara Sloan for taking the lead and making sure the Republican Party had a positive representation throughout the County. Thanks also to the many volunteers who helped set up and take down the booths, and greeted voters during the following events.

  • SacCountyGOP Welcome Table at the CAGOP Convention in Sacramento
  • Sacramento Gun Show in McClellan Park
  • Sacramento County Fair
  • California State Fair
  • Citrus Heights Sunday Funday
  • Fair Oaks Chicken Festival
  • Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin Festival

SacCountyGOP does not receive funds from the CAGOP, the RNC, President Trump, or any other Republican groups. We rely on our own fundraising to pay the rent and utilities for our headquarters, to print materials such as voter guides and newsletters, for digital communications such as emailing and texting voters, subscribing to our database vendor, and to cover the expenses of participating in community events. Since we are all volunteers, it’s important for people to know that we accomplish great things because of people who are in it for the right reason – to elect Republicans and impact policy. Our Democrat counterparts are mostly paid operatives, including community organizers, staff, and precinct workers. In spite of this, our Republican candidates in competitive districts often prevail over better-funded, union-backed candidates with hard work, dedication, and solutions. 

We raised over $68,000 in 2023 through direct appeals by email, an active donor gift program that offers patriotic merchandise at events and from headquarters (thank you Merch Coordinator Heather Masten!), and we hold fundraisers where generous donors contribute and come to hear from our elected leaders. Events included:

  • Spring Dinner with Congressman Kevin Kiley, Assemblyman Josh Hoover, and Folsom Mayor Rosario Rodriguez
  • Reception with RNC Committeeman Shawn Steel
  • Harvest Reception with Jon Coupal and Senator Roger Niello

We also appreciate those who donate monthly or quarterly through the 1776 Club! Having a steady stream of funds allows us to plan for upcoming expenses and gives donors an opportunity to spread out their contributions during the year. Donations may be made using your credit card online, or by check. Learn more on our Donate page

Each year we need to raise over $10,000 in order to host the Republican Booth at the California State Fair. This year, several other county central committees stepped up and the CAGOP helped raise funds to defray this huge expense. Many thanks to all who donated and volunteered to make the 17-Day State Fair a great success.

Joining us in raising funds to support Republican candidates is the new Capital Lincoln Club, under the leadership of Matthew Harmon. Formerly known as the Sacramento Valley Lincoln Club, the group kicked off their new committee with a Holiday fundraiser at Fabians Italian Bistro in Fair Oaks. Learn more and apply to be a Member on their website.

Impacting Education
Our School Districts Committee monitors the agenda’s of school boards and notifies interested parents of opportunities to impact education policy. By developing relationships with conservative board members, we are able to support them when they push back against the woke agenda imposed by the teacher’s unions and activists on staff. We hear from parents, teachers, and staff that it is greatly appreciated when we mobilize parents and community members to participate at school board meetings. We also hosted a Town Hall to “Take Back California Education” featuring California Policy Center’s Lance Christensen. Lance has been an important resource for educators and school board members. Learn more about the work of the SacCountyGOP School Districts Committee on our website, and thank you Committee Members Steve Duvernay, Mona Graham, Kimberly Kennedy-Woods, Jay Martinez, Tom Silva, and Chuck Uribe.

Election Integrity
Our Election Integrity Officer, Nina Caron, was able to mobilize volunteers for the school board special election. These trained volunteers observe Vote Centers to make sure Republicans are being welcomed, and to ensure that all policies and procedures for processing ballots are followed. Volunteers also watch the closing of Drop Boxes on Election Night to make sure they close by 8pm and ballots are secured and delivered directly to the County Elections office for counting. Many thanks to Nina and her crew. She will need hundreds of volunteers for the March and November elections, so be sure to let her know if you can help. 

Voter Contact
Many thanks to Mike Story for taking the lead as our Voter Contact Coordinator. Mike and Merna Story were instrumental in making sure thousands of voters were called during the special elections. Mike will be implementing our voter contact program with precinct coordinators in each Supervisor District (see list below) to make sure we have walkers and callers for the March and November Elections. Janet Gardner will assist all of our leaders in finding volunteers to work the election. A great team! Learn more and sign up to volunteer on our website.

Precinct Coordinators
District 1 – Kendra Johnson
District 2 – Brenda Bennett
District 3 – Nick Bloise
District 4 – Ian Jasiewicz
District 5 – Paul Johanneson

Headquarters Team
We have an amazing team of dedicated volunteers who run our headquarters, make merchandise available to visitors, answer questions from callers and those who walk in, and during the election they provide voter guides, collect ballots, and register voters. Thank you Team SacGOP!  You can reach our headquarters team at or call (916) 822-5618.

Monday: Nina Caron and Terri Lynn Alexander
Tuesday: Heather Masten, Bob Blymyer and Barbara Sloan
Wednesday: Mike and Merna Story
Thursday: Brenda Bennett, Kimberly Kennedy-Woods and Della Jenkins
Friday: Janet Gardner and Susan Thoresen

Many of our headquarters team members were also the primary volunteers for this year’s Holiday Project as we packed Care Boxes at Move America Forward for deployed soldiers during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Donors also provided a pallet full of items to include in the Care Boxes. We will continue to organize packing sessions and recommend everyone to consider volunteering at MAF, which is located down the street from our headquarters! 

Overall, it was a very good year, and we look forward to working with our Central Committee Members, donors, and volunteers to elect Republicans in 2024 and take back the White House!

Happy New Year!

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