Democrats in California control the Governor’s office, the State Senate and the State Assembly. Because they have a so-called “supermajority,” and they dutifully vote as a unit, Republicans are left out when it comes to decisions on the budget and other major bills that have such a great impact on the wallets of working California residents, and the safety of our families.

This is why the next election is so important. Republicans need to add just one seat in each house to have a voice in spending matters. We need to do our part in Sacramento County to re-elect Senator Jim Nielsen, Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, and to replace retiring Senator Berryhill with a strong Republican. We also need to go after legislators who voted for the new gas tax like Assemblymen Jim Cooper, Ken Cooley, Jim Frazier (a sponsor of the bill!) and Kevin McCarty. Our Democrat Senators supported this tax as well, including Cathleen Galgiani, Richard Pan and Bill Dodd.

We are very thankful that some of our Sacramento County-based legislators voted against the new gas and car tax, including Senators Jim Nielsen and Ted Gaines, and Assemblyman Kevin Kiley.

Eventually, the Democrats are going to run out of other people’s money. In the meantime, Assembly Republican Vince Fong shared the following list that represents the consequences of a Democrat supermajority in Sacramento:

  • SB 1 – The largest gas tax in state history: 12 cent gas tax and 20 cent diesel tax increase. $25-$175 vehicle registration fee increase. (Status: Signed into law)
  • SB 2 – Housing Tax (Status: on the Governor’s Desk)
  • SB 54 – Turns California into a sanctuary state and hampers cooperation between local and federal law enforcement. (Status: on the Governor’s Desk)
  • SB 63 – Job Killer: Requires employers with as few as 20 employees to allow their employees to take 12 weeks of job protected parental leave. (Status: on the Governor’s Desk)
  • SB 180 – Reduces sentences for certain drugs. (Status: on the Governor’s Desk)
  • SB 252 – Imposes significant burdens on new groundwater well applicants, cities and counties. Significant new and costly reporting requirements, especially for agriculture community. (Status: on the Governor’s Desk)
  • SB 384 – Weakens California’s sex offender laws so that offenders no longer are required to be registered for life. (Status: on the Governor’s Desk)
  • SB 562 – Creates a single payer healthcare system in California. The cost of Single Payer is more than twice the size of California’s entire state budget. Eliminates MediCal. (Status: Held in the Assembly)
  • AB 890 – Repeals the right of voters to use local initiatives to propose amendments to general plans and zoning ordinances to allow for more intensive land uses. (Status: on the Governor’s Desk)
  • AB 1209 – Job Killer: Public shaming of California employers by imposing new data collection mandate on employers to collect and report data to the government the salaries of employees. (Status: on the Governor’s Desk)
  • AB 1250 – Eliminates all contracting of services for cities and counties. AB 1250 impedes on local control and will have significant cost impacts on local governance. (Status: in Senate Rules Ctte)
  • AB 1701 – Exacerbates the housing crisis by putting in place processes that will only make it more expensive to build housing. Specifically, the bill inappropriately extends liability to the general contractor when the general contractor paid a subcontractor as agreed. Authorizes civil actions to enforce the liability. (Status: on the Governor’s Desk)

If these policies are inconsistent with your beliefs, then please consider supporting the work of your Republican Party as we recruit and elect Republicans to rid the state of that controlling majority of liberals who like to give away other people’s money.

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