This student comments on a SacCountyGOP Blog: Republicans Are The Protectors of Democracy

During this time when I’m discovering my political views, I find it difficult to trust any side because of so much negative talk about the other party. I feel that I would learn so much more if people in the political circle would just talk about and describe what they stand for, instead of always pointing out what their opponent does or doesn’t stand for.

While I agree with Patterson in her statements regarding Gavin Newsom shutting schools longer than anyone else, having kids wear masks longer than anyone else, but ignoring the rules about family gatherings he made himself, I’d like to hear more about how the red states handled it. Afterall, I was here, and I know how rough it was in 2020 and my freshman year of high school was cancelled.

I’m just embarking on my journey as to what I believe politically. And this will take time. I haven’t owned a small business and know nothing yet about how taxes impact people. I haven’t known anyone convicted of a crime. I’m just learning the basics. So when I read about the Republican or Democrat parties I don’t want to read what the other people are doing wrong. I want to learn. I want to know how each party feels they’re doing right.


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