Democrats on Defense to Protect High Gas Tax


Republican Candidate for Governor John Cox recently came to Sacramento to expose the latest maneuvering by the Democrat leadership to keep gas tax repeal proponents from having a voice.

Joined by Carl DeMaio, the sponsor of the gas tax repeal initiative, Jon Coupal from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association, and Sacramento County voters, Cox informed the media that the State is illegally campaigning, using taxpayer dollars and State workers, to thwart the efforts of the repeal campaign. They tried these tactics earlier when they protected former Senator Josh Newman from a recall. Now, Senator Chang is representing that Orange County district and it’s taxpayers.

Why haven’t they seen the light?

John Cox pointed out that California already had one of the highest gas taxes – before SB 1 imposed an addition 12 cents per gallon in addition to more taxes on diesel and vehicle license fees. There is more than enough revenue from the original tax to fix our roads, but the Legislature has been raiding that fund for other purposes.

Here’s what Carl DeMaio recently reported:


“Yesterday, without any notice to our campaign as required by law, Sacramento politicians held a one-sided hearing to discredit our Gas Tax Repeal Initiative. The official ballot materials on our Initiative are currently one-sided.

At the same time, the signature count on our Gas Tax Repeal Initiative has not been updated in days. Several Democrat-controlled counties are sitting on signatures!

If the count is not done by June 25 as required by law, Sacramento politicians may seek to delay a vote until 2020! That means two extra years of paying the higher gas and car taxes!

To add insult to injury, we have also received word that CalTrans is spending taxpayer money to put up illegal signage along the roads urging support for the gas tax! I released photos of the signs at a press conference yesterday (and on Twitter @carldemaio).

What is frustrating about all this is Sacramento politicians get to use taxpayer-funded lawyers to defend their tricks! Fortunately, we have the law on our side and will win if we fund our legal challenge.”

UPDATE from Carl DeMaio:
June 21, 2018

“First, we are closely monitoring the budget “trailer” bills to make sure they don’t pull a stunt like they did with the Recall and change the rules on us to block us from the ballot. If they try anything, we will immediately go to court to seek an injunction to block. They have several more days to go.

Second, our press conference blasting the illegal use of taxpayer funds to campaign against the Gas Tax Repeal Initiative has resulted in numerous media stories on the controversy. The media coverage has uncovered that the signs are costing $700-1250 each and there are hundreds of them around the state! CBS News also pulled the criminal statutes that are at issue here. View the story.

Third, LA County is still sitting on over 210k of our signatures and claims that it is behind because of the extra provisional ballots they had to issue because their Registrar of Voters booted over 150k voters from the rolls inappropriately. We may need to file an injunction in LA area court to force the count on time.”

You can help Carl to win in the courtroom. Here’s the link.

Sacramento region voters may also attend a briefing by Carl DeMaio and Jon Coupal on Tuesday, June 26th in Gold River.

Learn more and sign up for this free event at this link.