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View the full list of endorsements and ballot measure positions on our Voter Guide page.

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If you are a voter in Sacramento County, your ballot has already been mailed to you.

You have the option to mail back your completed ballot, or to drop it off at a convenient location. Use this link to find the drop box or Vote Center near you. The complete list of drop boxes and vote centers was included with your mailed ballot.

Questions? Call the Sacramento County Republican Party Voter Help Line at (916) 822-5618.

If you would like to help the Republican Party succeed in 2018, there are many ways to help us win!


Our Strategic Plan is being implemented, including voter outreach, precinct operations, communications, and candidate recruitment. Using the latest technology, data mining, and volunteer recruitment and training, we have launched programs that support our Republican candidates in partisan and non-partisan races. Our team will turn out the Republican vote, keep Sacramento County residents informed, and will work alongside our endorsed candidates to help them win in June and November.

We will need funding to support voter registration campaigns, volunteer and candidate training, printed materials used at public events and precinct walks, and communications through email, social media and mailings. Donations will also be made to the campaigns of our endorsed candidates at the local, state and federal levels.

Who can give, what are the limits, and how can SCRP use those funds?

Political parties are required to establish separate accounts for state and federal defined expenditures.

Donations may be received for our federal account from individuals, federal PACs, and unincorporated associations up to $10,000 per contributor, per calendar year.  Federal multi-candidate PACs may contribute up to $5,000 per calendar year. Funds from individual contributions will be used by SCRP in both federal and California state elections and may be made in any amount, although the first $10,000 received per individual, per calendar year, must be used for federal elections.

Additional contributions to the SCRP state fund from individuals, businesses and PACs are unlimited, and may be allocated as follows: up to $36,500 per calendar year for direct state candidate support, with amounts in excess used for permissible non-direct state candidate support purposes.

Since limitations are defined within calendar years, it is very important our donors give in 2017, and again in 2018.

If you have questions, please let us know, and our esteemed accountants will be happy to point you to the rules relating to donations and our mandated reporting of contributions received totaling $100 or more. Contributions are non-tax deductible for federal or California tax purposes.


Phone: Call voters to remind them to vote in this important election. Shifts are available Mon-Thurs 10am – 8pm and Fri-Sat 10am – 4pm. Sign up online.

Walk: Walks are taking place on Saturdays and you can sign up online. Trainings for new volunteers will be available at our headquarters. This is a great opportunity to meet other Republicans who enjoy talking to friends and neighbors about the work of the Sacramento GOP and the importance of this  election.

Voter Outreach: Members of our Committee are willing to attend your service organization, chamber of commerce, or other community events to meet potential voters and talk about the upcoming election. Please contact us to let us know about opportunities to register voters and engage local residents in a civil environment.