Parents and Workers Are Seeking Remedies to Fight for Medical Freedom

As President Biden and California’s Governor Newsom step up their demands for full vaccination – starting at age 5 – doctors, parents, and states are pushing back with facts and court challenges. Americans are speaking up about the importance of maintaining control over these important medical decisions, as the media, social media, and left-leaning politicians accuse them of spreading misinformation. 

America is ready to return to a normal way of living, while recognizing that COVID may be an ongoing health concern. Advances in knowledge of the virus have saved lives, and therapeutics are proving to shorten the duration of the impact and keep people out of hospitals. Natural immunity has become an important factor in preventing the spread. We’re learning how to manage COVID infections, so why do we need a mandatory vaccine?

It is clear that people who have received the first, second, and third vaccines are still able to get or give the COVID virus. There would not be so much pushback if the vaccines actually deterred or killed the virus. 

Those of us who are not medically trained, or without access to the research behind the vaccines and the origin and evolution of the virus, are frustrated with the conflicting information provided by the CDC, the FDA, vaccine manufacturers, and various countries, health institutions and agencies. We want the whole truth, but are concerned it’s being withheld.

It seems we are expected to submit to the demands of Biden and Newsom without questioning their intent, or their facts. Americans are recognizing the gaps in information, and see that the pitch coming from Sacramento and Washington does not line up with their personal experiences, or the health data.

It’s Time to Speak Up!

A November 4 Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey found that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters say they support workers refusing to comply with workplace requirements to get COVID-19 vaccines. 38% don’t support workers resisting the mandates, while 10% are not sure. In another survey, they found most Americans don’t think public schools should require students to get COVID-19 vaccinations, and have concerns about whether the vaccines are safe for children with 35% of American Adults believing public schools should make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for students, while 55% are against requiring students to get vaccinated. Ten percent (10%) are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.) As the Food and Drug Administration approved COVID-19 vaccines for children as young as five years old,  60% of Americans say they are concerned about the safety of COVID-19 vaccination for children, including 39% who are Very Concerned. 

School Districts are standing up for parental rights to choose what’s best for their children. On November 10, the Calaveras Unified School District board unanimously voted to not support, enforce, or comply with the vaccine mandate. The decision applies to both students and staff. Read their letter to staff and families posted on Facebook.

We are aware of other school districts preparing to do the same.

Even Governor Newsom was quoted in the LA Times as saying his own 12 year-old daughter has not received the COVID vaccine because she has a “series of other shots” to get first. That was a confusing statement for the Governor, who supports mandated vaccines for all students with no exemptions… Was his daughter attending school without the other ten vaccines? Why was he allowed to do what he felt was best for his daughter, but you can’t??

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, who servers as the Vice Chair of the Assembly Education Committee, has called for a joint session of the Legislature to address health concerns of students as a result of California’s COVID policies. He has been a leader on the topic of parental rights and ending the Governor’s two-year emergency declaration. Follow his blog to keep up with his work.

Legal Challenges

Twenty-seven states have filed lawsuits ahead of the January 4 deadline to challenge the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for private businesses of 100 or more employees. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit responded to the petition filed by the Texas Attorney General and many others, temporarily blocking the mandate and stating that it raises “grave statutory and constitutional issues.”

The Daily Wire, represented by California-based Dhillon Law Group and Alliance Defending Freedom, filed a legal challenge in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit, claiming the Biden administration lacks the constitutional and statutory authority to implement the vaccine requirement, and the mandate failed to meet the requirements for issuing a rule without listening to public comments or conducting regulatory proceedings.

What can parents do as the California K-12 vaccine mandate deadline approaches?

Leaders in the California Legislature are threatening to take steps to remove exemptions based on personal believe or health. They will reconvene in January when Sacramento Senator Richard Pan is expected to introduce legislation to mandate the vaccine (currently it is imposed by the Governor’s emergency order) and to prohibit exemptions as he’s done for other student vaccines.

Action: Call or write your Assemblymember and State Senate immediately and demand school districts maintain control over management of COVID. Make the point that most children don’t get COVID, and those that do tend to have mild symptoms, and it is rarely fatal. Remind them that schools have been able to manage outbreaks during the peak of the virus, without vaccines, and that the risks of vaccines for children don’t outweigh the benefits. Support the right of parents to decide to vaccinate their children if they feel it is in their best interest.

Find Sacramento area phone numbers and addresses at this link. State Legislators

Action: Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has introduced legislation prohibiting a vaccine mandate at the federal, state or local levels for minors by any entity that receives federal funding. If any school district were to impose a mandate, it would lose eligibility to receive Title IV, Part A and Title II, Part A funding. The bill also would require parental consent for the administration of a COVID-19 vaccine to a minor and apply to all COVID-19 vaccines that have been authorized for use under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) or, if fully approved, were first approved under EUA. Contact your U.S. Senator and Member of Congress to support his bill and any other legislation that calls for the recognition of natural immunity and parental rights.

Find phone numbers for Sacramento area Members of Congress at this link:  Members of Congress

Action: School Districts have the option to opt in to vaccine mandates before the July 1 deadline. Sacramento City USD has already done so, and we need to be sure others don’t follow. Visit our School Districts webpage and find your school district. Click on the District Board Members link and contact them to express your opposition to opting in early. Let them know you are following their actions and want to make sure they respect your right to control your child’s medical care.

The Pacific Justice Institute has taken a leading role in assisting individuals seeking exemptions. Visit their website for free legal advice on exemptions.

This fight for medical freedom and parental rights is picking up momentum. Please share your experiences using this form. Let us know what you’re hearing from other parents and teachers. Sign up for Action Alerts on our School Districts webpage. 

And please know that you are not alone!




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