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The First 100 Days – He’s Only Just Begun

President Trump is bucking the system in Washington, governing his way. Just as he promised to do during the election.

Yes, there are staged protests in blue states, and even violence in the name of stopping Trump’s agenda. The mainstream media obediently covers these events as if they are representative of all Americans.

But we are confident there is also a quiet majority that has very high hopes for the change that President Trump is implementing. They’ve had enough of over-taxation, unproductive regulations, sanctuary cities, jobs leaving the nation, not standing up for our allies abroad, and political correctness that has no basis in reality.

The Sacramento County Republican Party was pleased to host a 100 Day Celebration in honor of our President, and the over one thousand Sacramento County volunteers who helped elect him to serve the people.

Here are some pictures from the event that featured a welcome message from former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness. Below the slide show are the latest videos from President Trump’s first 100 days.



SCRP Hosts Reception at CAGOP Headquarters

CRP Chair Jim Brulte Welcomes Supporters of SCRP

Supporters of the Sacramento County Republican Party gathered at the headquarters of the California Republican Party in Sacramento named after President Ronald Reagan.

Surrounded by GOP memorabilia and portraits of Republican Presidents and Governors, the guests were treated to a private tour by CRP Chair Jim Brulte of a state-of-the-art political operations facility. Brulte welcomed the donors and invited all to become Social Ambassadors, sharing articles and videos on social media that highlight the work of Republican elected officials.

Senator Jim Nielsen also welcomed everyone and discussed the importance of supporting the work of County Central Committees who are on the front lines in elections. Other elected officials in attendance included Senator Ted Gaines and Sacramento County Supervisor Susan Peters.

SCRP Chair Betsy Mahan thanked event sponsors Martin Harmon of Auburn Manor Holding Corporation, and Luis Buhler on behalf of Charles Munger, Jr., along with Marty Wilson and the California Chamber PAC who hosted the refreshments.

Ed Pawlowski, owner of the Sacramento County-based Brave Horse Winery, was on hand to pour his wines for guests.

Below are pictures taken at the event, courtesy of event photographer Diana Miller.

Democrats Caused California’s High Poverty Rate

By Betsy Mahan
Chair, Sacramento County Republican Party

California – no longer the land of opportunity. And the Democrat-controlled government is to blame.

9000 California Companies Move Headquarters or Divert Projects Out-of-State (

As more companies close or leave the “hostile business environment” in the State of California, Democrats push for a higher minimum wage since that’s about all a worker can hope to earn.

Los Angeles led the Top 15 California counties with the highest number of disinvestment, with Sacramento in 9th place.

California Students Rank 41st in Math and 44th in Reading out of 50 States.

According to EdSource data from 2016, only 39% of students in the Sacramento Unified School District met or exceeded the standards in English; with only 31% meeting or exceeding Math standards last year.

As our public education system fails to turn out graduates that excel in math or reading, fewer California public school students can qualify to attend our taxpayer-funded university system. Meanwhile, international student attendance increases to pay for excessive professor salaries and pensions.

Other Contributors to the High Poverty Rate: Sky High Housing and Energy Prices, and Gas Prices Higher Than Much of the Country (Politifact)

Every middle class worker can tell you there is a shortage of low-cost housing in California. Why? Democrats at the local and state levels have imposed high fees and a maze of paperwork for property owners who had planned to develop their land. Frivolous law suits are also used to prevent development, which means fewer rental options for low-income residents.

And even though more people in our state now have healthcare, they can’t afford the deductibles imposed by Obamacare, so they really aren’t covered after all.

Add to all of this – roads and dams in disrepair, as our Governor diverts funds collected for infrastructure to pay for skyrocketing pensions and an unsustainable high speed train while calling for another increase in the gas tax.

Republicans know that the Democrats’ insatiable appetite for our tax dollars cannot be sustained. 

So what are we going to do about it?

The Assembly and Senate Republican Caucuses have introduced legislation to address the causes of California’s high cost of living. Even though Republicans are in the minority, their proposals deserve consideration in the Legislature.


Read about Republican Solutions:

Helping the Middle Class & Serving Those in Need – by Assembly Republicans

Budget Subcommittee Spotlight – by Senate Republicans

Pay Attention California Voters!

It’s time for California voters to recognize that our government is going to collapse under this massive spending and mismanagement. Democrats will be blaming President Trump for all of their failed policies, even though he wasn’t in office when it all went down hill.

Let your elected officials know that you want solutions to California’s high cost of living. Click here to find your State representatives.

CAGOP Convention Wrap-Up

By Betsy Mahan
Chair, Sacramento County Republican Party

The California Republican Party Organizing Convention took place over the weekend, and Sacramento was the Host Committee. The three-day event took place at the Sacramento Hyatt Regency, and thanks to a significant police presence, protesters took the weekend off.

Delegates received a Welcome flyer from SCRP that provided helpful tips on parking and navigating around downtown during the Kings game. View the flyer.

Convention speakers included radio talk show host, TV commentator and author Hugh Hewitt, Rep. Devin Nunes who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, and Rep. Darrell Issa, best known for his oversight hearings on Lois Lerner’s actions to deny conservative organizations tax-exempt status with the IRS. All three speakers expressed confidence that President Trump was making good on his campaign promises and that it was the role of delegates to spread the news in our communities. Rep. Nunes pointed out that current water policies and the lack of storage facilities were causing enough cubic feet of water to run out to the ocean equivalent to the amount our California farming industry needed to survive the next decade.

Be sure to visit the CAGOP Vimeo page to view and share videos that expose the Democrat’s mismanagement of California’s government.

Delegates re-elected the CAGOP leadership with Jim Brulte as Chair, former Assembly Republican Leader Kristin Olsen as Vice Chair, Mario Guerra as Treasurer and Deborah Wilder as Secretary. The new Central Valley Region Vice Chair is Joy Stewart, a longtime activist in the GOP.

I had the opportunity to join with other County Committee Chairs at the invitation of Senator Tom Berryhill and Assembly Member Frank Bigelow. We discussed ways to work together to help elect Republicans and raise funds.

As a member of the Executive Committee, we voted to support four resolutions:

  1. Vetting Foreign Nationals from Designated Nations
  2. The Repeal and Replace ObamaCare
  3. Opposing Higher Gas and Vehicle Taxes
  4. Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws and Sanctuary Jurisdictions

Read the details of each resolution in the Executive Committee Report. These measures were approved by the full delegation at the Sunday General Session.

Certainly the highlight of the Convention was the appearance of Republican Senator Janet Nguyen, who a few days prior had been physically removed from the Senate Floor, simply for mentioning the Vietnamese who were killed during the Vietnam war, including members of her family. As a refugee herself, the Senator was offended that the State Senate had adjourned in honor of the late Senator and anti-war activist  Tom Hayden. Senate Republican Leader Jean Fuller spoke in support of her colleague, stating that Senator Nguyen was well within her rights to adjourn in the memory of victims of the regime that Hayden supported. Read the statement by Senator Patricia Bates, including the fact that contrary to the Transparency ballot measure passed by voters in 2016, the Democrats shut down the CalChannel TV feed during the removal of the Senator. Several hashtags are now in circulation on social media, including the most prominent #StandWithJanet. Republicans are now demanding a probe of the incident. Here’s CAGOP and former Senator Jim Brulte on the matter:

Share your Convention experience!
If you have pictures of our Sacramento Delegates at the CAGOP Convention, please post them on our Facebook page!

Here are a few pictures of our Delegates at the Sunday General Session.



Why Resistance is Futile..

By Betsy Mahan, Chair of the Sacramento County Republican Party.

We’ve all seen the preprinted “Resist” signs, courtesy of big donors to the Democrat Party. We know they have an orchestrated effort to call out Republican Members of Congress across the nation to appear in Town Halls so they can show up and RESIST.  It makes them feel like they are accomplishing something to yell at elected officials and intimidate the real constituents who want to hear what their representatives have to say.

But as the Borg said, “Resistance is futile.”

Why? Because the people know that we need change. And they are looking to the Republican Party to bring some sanity back to our government.

Let’s look at California. 

While our Governor refuses to give up on a mismanaged, over-budget, unwanted high speed train to establish his legacy, Californians live in the highest poverty state in the nation. They’re not concerned about taking trips to the opposite end of the State – they just want to be able to feed their families and live in a neighborhood free of crime.

Democrats control our State Government. What’s their solution?

  • More meaningless regulations burdening employers and driving businesses out of the State, and a higher minimum wage because those are the only jobs left in California, if you’re lucky to get one.
  • Higher tuition for college students to pay the exorbitant salaries of a bloated UC Administration with pensions that would support multiple families in neighborhoods they could never afford. And a K-12 education system that has fewer and fewer graduates who can qualify to attend our state-run colleges because Democrats only care about who uses what bathroom, not if they are teaching our kids what they need to know to compete in the global economy.
  • Welcoming illegal immigrants while providing false hope that California offers them a safe and prosperous future. In reality, they must live in the shadows of crime-ridden neighborhoods full of criminals that have been released early due to Props 47 and 57, not to mention AB 109, meant to reduce prison overcrowding and move the financial burden to counties. So now our neighborhoods are overcrowded with murderers, drug lords and thieves who prey on the recent immigrants who fled countries to get away from poverty and thugs, and who must forge documents to get a job, if there are any. But Democrats to the rescue! They want to provide them with free healthcare, college, housing, as long as they’re illegal…. Is this compassionate? I think not.
  • As our dams and roadways crumble and water flows out to the ocean, Governor Brown seeks funding from Washington for drought and floods.

Resistance is futile because the people of California and the nation see that Democrat solutions cannot be sustained, they don’t work, and we’re all worse off than we were five, ten or twenty years ago. We’re tired of our twenty-something kids having to live with us. We see through the fake protests, the fake news, the fake legislation, and the fake Hollywood stars who think we care what they say.

Republicans are responding to the Democrats’ orchestrated resistance with solutions that will appeal to the un- and underemployed, the insured who can’t afford their healthcare deductibles, the forgotten veterans who deserve our support, and the farmers who feed the world.

Protest all you want, but we are living the truth and support our Republican House of Representatives, Senate and President who are moving ahead with the promises they made during the election.

Keep up with their progress on these websites, because you won’t read about it in the Bee!

Speaker of the House –

US Senate –

Office of the President –


…and to all our fans coming from – thanks for helping with our site rankings!

Assembly Member Baker Addresses SCRP

The Sacramento County Republican Central Committee held their February meeting addressing a full agenda. Plans for a 100-Day celebration of GOP control of Washington D.C. was announced to take place in late April. The Committee approved the Sacramento Charter of the California Republican Lawyer’s Association, and after discussion, they endorsed the reelection of California Republican Party leaders, including Chairman Jim Brulte, Vice Chair Kristin Olsen, Secretary Deborah Wilder, and Treasurer Mario Guerra. Special guest John Leslie Brown got the Committee motivated to open doors for others who would like to be involved in politics, and members stepped up to sign on as the precinct captain in their area.

The highlight of the meeting was a presentation by Assembly Member Catharine Baker, the only elected Republican state legislator in the Bay Area. She covered the strategy her campaign used to win re-election to her Assembly seat in this “blue” district, including a sophisticated Voter ID precinct operation and continuous outreach to all constituent groups. Baker emphasized the importance of a unified Republican County Committee and the critical role the Committee plays in getting out the Republican vote.

The next meeting of the Sacramento County GOP will take place on Wednesday, March 8th at the Headquarters.

Below are images from the meeting. Many thanks to Devin Moore who took these pictures at our request.


SCRP Endorses California Republican Party Leadership

Sacramento County Republican Central Committee

Endorses Re-Election of CRP Leadership


The Republican Central Committee of Sacramento County (SCRP) has endorsed the re-election of the following leaders of the California Republican Party.

  • Jim Brulte, Chair
  • Kristin Olsen, Vice Chair
  • Deborah Wilder, Secretary
  • Mario Guerra, Treasurer

“With Jim Brulte’s leadership, the California Republican Party is now solvent and ready to elect Republicans in 2018,” said SCRP Chair Betsy Mahan. “The recent addition of Kristin Olsen will surely improve communications for the Party, and her leadership skills will be an inspiration to those of us at the County level.”

The SCRP Committee also recognized the contributions of Secretary Deborah Wilder and Treasurer Mario Guerra who have worked to move the Party forward from an organizational and financial perspective. “Their dedication is appreciated,” said Mahan.

Response to State of the State Address

By Betsy Graves Mahan
Chair, Sacramento County Republican Party

Members of the Sacramento County Republican Party listened with interest this morning as California’s Governor Jerry Brown gave his State of the State address. We had anticipated that the Governor’s speech, as well as those who introduced him, would set the stage for a showdown with Washington, and they did not disappoint.

The Governor referred to deep divisions across America and rightly referred to California as “the great exception.” We couldn’t agree more. Thirty states across the nation voted for a dramatic change in our country’s direction that leaders in Sacramento have vowed to fight.

California no longer is the beacon of light for the working class. The Democrat-controlled Legislature and Governor Brown worked hard to increase the minimum wage because that is what too many workers have to look forward to. Higher paying jobs are leaving the State that is still ranked by Chief Executive as the Worst State to Do Business. As the 5th most expensive state with the highest income tax, sales tax and an ever-increasing gas tax, Californians are leaving for states with a brighter future such as Texas, Florida and North Carolina.

California can no longer sustain the insatiable appetite to spend our taxpayer dollars. Democrats must tackle the real deficit numbers that reflect pension and bond obligations.

Sacramento politicians could cost our State billions of federal dollars if they refuse to work with the Republican leaders in Washington. We were pleased to hear the Governor depart from the advice of former President Obama, as Brown called for all to “practice civility” and “work beyond party.”

The Republican Party of Sacramento County looks forward to our elected Republican leaders in Sacramento having the opportunity to work with their Democrat colleagues, should they decide to honor the Governor’s request to “trust each other” and “strive to understand the facts.”  In the meantime, our Committee will keep local Republicans informed of any progress toward the change American voters sought by electing Donald Trump, President of the United States, and maintaining Republican control of the House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

Republicans Take The Lead

By Betsy Mahan
Chair, Sacramento County Republican Party

We are on the eve of the Inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump and Vice President-Elect Mike Pence.

Republicans in Sacramento worked very hard to make this possible.

We will all be celebrating this new beginning in different venues – some in Washington, and most in Sacramento County with family and friends.

As others march for different causes, and perpetuate the myth that Republicans don’t care about women or people of color, we know that our elected Republican leaders will be working very hard on day one to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed in the USA, to purchase affordable healthcare, and to have job opportunities. We know they will have our safety as their priority, and that our military and law enforcement will be given the respect they deserve.

We’re proud to be Republicans. No shame here. We know the truth about our intentions. We know that those attempting to shut us down have everything to lose when we succeed. Be it Hollywood celebrities or professional protesters, we do not accept their narrative. We intend to demonstrate by our elected leader’s actions that we can solve the issues of poverty, inequality and violence with jobs, education that puts kids first, fairness, and enforcement of the laws of our land.

Watch us lead. Open your mind. Join us.


Welcome New Central Committee Members

The newly elected Sacramento County Republican Central Committee (SCRP) members were sworn in at the January 12 Organizing Meeting by Senator Jim Nielsen.

New Bylaws were approved and the Executive Committee was elected with Betsy Mahan as Chair, Mitch Zak as 1st Vice Chair, Rob Olmstead as 2nd Vice Chair, Matt Hedges as Secretary, and Kevin Bassett as Treasurer.

All members are looking forward to the next four years with Republican control of Washington and prospects to elect more Republicans in Sacramento County.

Save the date! February 8th is the next meeting.

Committee meetings will take place the second Wednesday of each month at a location to be announced.

Click here to view a list of the Committee’s Leadership.

Click here to view a list of the Membership by District.