It is the mission of the Sacramento County Republican Party to elect Republicans to public office at all levels of government and to accomplish that goal through voter registration, candidate recruitment, fundraising, endorsing candidates, and turning out the Republican vote.


The Republican Party of Sacramento County is governed by the Central Committee. Members are elected in Presidential Election years and serve a four-year term. Republican nominees for Congress and the State Legislature serve on the Committee as Ex-Officio’s. The Executive Committee manages Committee agendas, candidate interviews, and business that must be handled prior to the next Committee meeting. Committee Members may appoint an Alternate to represent them when they are unable to attend monthly meetings. Vacancies on the Committee are replaced by a vote of the full Central Committee.

SacCountyGOP Executive Committee:

Chair, Betsy Graves Mahan
1st Vice Chair, Rob Olmstead
2nd Vice Chair, Barbara Sloan
Treasurer, Christian Forte
Secretary, Matt Hedges

Special Appointments:

Sergeant-At-Arms – Rob Olmstead
Assistant Treasurer – Bryan Burch
Election Integrity Officer – Nina Caron
School Board Subcommittee: Steve Duvernay, Mona Graham, Jay Martinez, Tom Silva, Kimberly Kennedy-Woods 
Precinct Coordinators:
Supervisor District 1 – Kendra Johnson
Supervisor District 2 – Brenda Bennett
Supervisor District 3 – Nick Bloise
Supervisor District 4 – Ian Jasiewicz
Supervisor District 5 – TBD


The headquarters is located in Rancho Cordova, and is run by volunteers. Friendly members of the public are welcome to visit the office where they can register to vote or check their current registration status. There is also a wide selection of donor gifts available, including patriotic themed hats, shirts, buttons, and flags. The headquarters hosts phone banks, trainings, and during elections several Open House events to meet the candidates. The office also serves as a distribution center for endorsed Republican candidate campaign materials, including yard signs and brochures.

The Headquarters is currently open Monday through Friday, 10am – 2pm, with hours and days increasing as we get closer to the next election. Always best to call before coming over, just in case we are out in the community or working at the Fair – (916) 822-5618.

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