Sacramento County Students Speak

You Speak and We’ll Listen

Political Parties

“I don’t want one party telling me why I shouldn’t be part of the other party. I wish each party would just explain to me why I should be a part of their party.”

School Security

“It doesn’t feel great as a student to know your only protection is a door, maybe a closet, a chair,
or a fire extinguisher as protection if you have to go up against someone with a gun.”

Equity Programs

“You don’t have to put someone down, to bring someone else up.”

Let’s talk about…

Student test scores are too low, kids and teachers need protection, and parents are being left out of important decisions impacting their kids’ health and values.

What’s working, and what’s not?


How Can We Keep Students & Educators Safe?


What Should Parents Know?


Are California Students Academically Prepared?


How Do You Choose A Political Party?

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