Let's Have the Best Booth Ever!

For decades, SacCountyGOP has hosted the Republican Booth at the California State Fair. With the important November Election just months away, thousands of voters attending the Fair will be seeking information on candidates and opportunities to make a difference in the election. Thanks to our generous State Fair supporters, we will present a positive image of Republican leaders throughout California, and will make sure all visitors feel welcome.

We will continue the fight Mr. President!

We are thankful that President Trump’s assassination attempt was unsuccessful and we are mourning the innocent supporters who were killed or injured.
As investigations are conducted, we call on the FBI to assess the assets that were assigned to President Trump as they appeared to be very inadequate. We are thankful for the brave secret service team who quickly moved President Trump away from the crime scene. But we want answers on why an individual with an AR style gun was able to get so close to a Presidential candidate from an unsecured rooftop, with a security perimeter that was less than 130 yards. We also call on the Biden administration to provide additional security to all Presidential candidates, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who has been denied protection.
Our Democracy can only survive if candidates can safely campaign, including challenging an incumbent running for re-election. Whether Donald Trump is still alive due to divine intervention, or just luck, his call for supporters to “FIGHT” will not go unanswered. We will fight at the ballot box and turnout in such high numbers that Democrats will see what Democracy looks like!

Support SacCountyGOP

Contrary to popular belief, SacCountyGOP receives no funds to sustain our all-volunteer operation from the CAGOP, the RNC, President Trump, or any other Republican organization. We accomplish great things because we have a team of volunteers and generous donors who step up for the right reasons – to save California!

Please consider signing up to donate monthly as a Member of the 1776 Club. This will make sure we have the resources to operate our headquarters and continue our community engagement. Any amount is appreciated and wisely used! 

News From SacCountyGOP

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Reviewing the March 2024 Election

Reviewing the March 2024 Election

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