Let's Have the Best Booth Ever!

For decades, SacCountyGOP has hosted the Republican Booth at the California State Fair. With the important November Election just months away, thousands of voters attending the Fair will be seeking information on candidates and opportunities to make a difference in the election. We will present a positive image of Republican leaders and will make sure all visitors feel welcome.

Over 165 shifts must be filled by volunteers from around the State. Sign-ups will begin in early June. SacCountyGOP will make sure there are plenty of Patriotic, 2nd Amendment, Back the Blue, and Trump items available to attract visitors to the booth, and so everyone is ready to rally for victory in November! Please consider supporting the booth online using this link. For information to donate by check, download this form.  Thank You!


Recall Governor Newsom


Support SacCountyGOP

Contrary to popular belief, SacCountyGOP receives no funds to sustain our all-volunteer operation from the CAGOP, the RNC, President Trump, or any other Republican organization. We accomplish great things because we have a team of volunteers and generous donors who step up for the right reasons – to save California!

Please consider signing up to donate monthly as a Member of the 1776 Club. This will make sure we have the resources to operate our headquarters and continue our community engagement. Any amount is appreciated and wisely used! 

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Do You Know What’s In Your School Library?

Action Alert! Show your support for legislation that will keep books and other school resources age-appropriate.

Keep School Sites Safe

Keep School Sites Safe

Update! The San Juan School Board voted 6-1 to end discussion on the proposal to open school sites after hours at their April 9th Meeting.

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If you need to contact us, email Info@SacCountyGOP.com.

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