SCRP Central Committee

Congratulations to the recently elected Regular Members of the Sacramento County Republican Central Committee! These members will serve for four years, representing the five Supervisorial Districts in Sacramento County. If you wish to reach any of these Members, please email and let us know the person you would like to contact.

Members of the Sacramento County Republican Central Committee

District 1 (map)
Duane Dichiara
Mary Grundman
Stephanie Hage
Jim Ricketts (Alternate: Diane Leverich)

District 2 (map)
Brenda Bennett
Roy Shannon

District 3 (map)
Melinda Avey (Alternate: Ben Avey)
Betty Axup
Carl Burton
Roger Canfield (Alternate: Karen Juten)
Andrew Levy
Rob Olmstead
Marty Wilson
Mitch Zak
District 4 (map)
Kevin Bassett
Steve Dixon
Walt Goodwater
Andrew Grant
Matt Hedges (Alternate: Jack Frost)
Courtney Hedges
Joshua Hoover
Lauren Prichard
Jennifer Teasdale

District 5 (map)
Tony Andrade
Scott Borges (Alternate: Madison Mahan)
Lance Clothier
Kathleen Sepp Jacobson
Betsy Mahan
Susan Alene Mason
Janet McKibben
Barbara A. Sloan
AD 6 - Hon. Kevin Kiley (Alternate: John Reynen)
AD 7 - Ryan Brown
AD 8 - Nick Bloise (Alternate: Jorge Riley)
AD 9 - Tim Gorsulowsky (Alternate: Ethan Kirk)
AD 11 - Dave Miller (Alternate: Kirk Kimmelshue)
SD 1 - Hon. Ted Gaines (Alternate: Bill Cardoza)
SD 3 - Greg Coppes
SD 4 - Hon. Jim Nielsen (Alternate: Nghia Nguyen)
SD 5 - Alan Nakanishi (Alternate: Christopher M. Finarelli)
SD 6 - James Axelgard
SD 8 - Hon. Tom Berryhill (Alternate: Laura Ortega)
CD 3 - Eugene Cleek
CD 6 - Robert Evans
CD 7 - Hon. Sheriff Scott Jones (Alternate: Kyle Macdonald)
CD 9 - Tony Amador (Alternate: Lorin Meeks-Harris)
US Sen - Elizabeth Emken (Alternate: Stephen Duvernay)

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