By SacCountyGOP Chair Betsy Mahan

With twelve days to go until the March 5 election deadline, SacCountyGOP is working hard to make sure our candidates have the resources they need to prevail. For some, that means making it to the top two and advancing on to the November Election. In three races, we need to win in the Primary.

Folsom Councilwoman Rosario Rodriguez is running for the Board of Supervisors in the 4th District that is currently represented by Sue Frost. Supervisor Frost is retiring and she chose Rosario to be her successor. In addition, the Councilwoman has received all major endorsements, including law enforcement and firefighter groups, the Hispanic and Folsom Chambers of Commerce, the Sacramento Association of Realtors, local conservative elected officials at all levels of government, the Sacramento Farm Bureau, and even the Sacramento Bee!

It would seem that Rosario has this locked up, but there is one big problem. As of February 21, only 4.2% of voters have cast their ballots. Republicans represent 37% of the turnout, Democrats 44%, and No Party Preference 12.5%. This is a Republican district, but with such a low turnout, and close to 172,000 votes left, anything could happen. 

This seat can be won if supporters of Councilwoman Rodriguez show up and give her 50% + 1 of the total votes. If her supporters don’t realize the importance of voting in the Primary, she will either be forced to spend more resources on a campaign for November, or a Democrat could provide an upset since there are two Republicans splitting the vote.

If you live in Supervisor District 4, or you know others who do, please show your support for Rosario Rodriguez.


Local businessman Jay Martinez is running for the Sacramento County Board of Education in Area 4. As a member of the SacCountyGOP School Districts Committee he demonstrated a commitment to improving academic achievement in Sacramento’s public schools, with parental rights and school choice as priorities.

The Board of Education has an important role in approving charter schools, overseeing the education of incarcerated juveniles, and they are the last stop for school districts in settling disputes. Our kids need elected leaders who will stand up to the unions and progressive activists who are imposing their political agendas on families.

Again, the low turnout could impact this race where Jay is running against a group of Democrats. This seat will be decided in March – no run-off, so he needs every vote possible. Learn more on his website. 

Heather Davis is running for her third term on the Board of Education in Area 6. During her tenure she has spearheaded programs to improve parent-teacher communications and engagement, and she is supportive of charter schools.

SacCountyGOP is proud to support Heather and we encourage you to learn more about her on her Facebook page. As with the Martinez race, this will be decided in March with no run-off.

If you haven’t already done so, find that white envelope with the pink ballot envelope showing through the window, make your selections, and submit your ballot! You can bring it by SacCountyGOP headquarters Monday – Saturday and we will hand-deliver it the next business day inside the County Elections office. Vote Centers start opening on Saturday, February 24th if you want to vote in person, or if you have issues with the ballot you received.

We have heard from some voters that their ballot was incomplete e.g. didn’t include all candidates for President. If this has happened to you, report it to County Elections and make sure you have what you need to support the candidates of your choice!

Please use our Voter Guide when voting, and call our Helpline (916) 822-5618 if you have questions about races or measures not included.

Let’s vote Sacramento!

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