By Betsy Mahan
Chair, Sacramento County Republican Party

It’s not new for the Democrats to attack our Presidential candidates and leaders – Presidents Reagan and Ford, the Bush’s, and candidates McCain and Romney were all called racist, Hitler, sexist, anti-immigrant, and all the vitriolic terms in the Dem playbook. Then along came a businessman who had no need to take on the most challenging position in the world.

Donald Trump is a threat to the swamp in Washington because he doesn’t need or seek their money or their approval. The fact that they’re fighting him with everything in their arsenal is evidence he is making progress in bringing the USA back to the people. The swamp creatures have significant money and power to lose if he is re-elected, including his opponent Joe Biden. And they will do anything to protect their interests….maybe even facilitate a pandemic, shut down our economy, and jeopardize our faith in the American way of life.

So, with just ten days until November 3rd, what can we do to make sure Donald J. Trump is re-elected? Can we save our country?

If you are a registered voter, or someone who qualifies to vote in this country, you must make sure you’re registered, and vote! While the deadline to register has passed, you can still do so at a Vote Center or the County Elections office. Your ballot will be considered “Conditional” until your registration is verified. You can still vote in this election! Learn more here.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat, Republican, or someone with no party preference. If you want criminals to run free with no consequences for their actions, if you want to have substandard healthcare, failing schools, unaffordable housing, ineffective and onerous regulations, and politicians becoming millionaires on your hard-earned money, then stay home to support the status quo.

If you want opportunity for all, schools that prepare all kids to think for themselves and to have the skills to be self-sustaining, if you want your adult children to be able to move out of your basement, fair taxation, criminals to have disincentives to rob the local mom and pop store, and police to know they have our support, not a target on their backs – then vote to preserve America.

You may have heard in the news that the Attorney General and Secretary of State went on the attack against the CAGOP for collecting ballots. They didn’t call out Democrat candidates for doing exactly the same thing, so it’s just politics and election tampering on their part. A very serious accusation based on fact. While SacCountyGOP does not place ballot collection boxes in remote locations, we have been accepting ballots at our headquarters, with trained collectors delivering those ballots to the Sac County Elections office the next business day. This has given conservatives some confidence that their vote will be counted. To confirm that, we encourage every voter to track their ballot – use this link to sign up.

If you haven’t voted by Saturday, October 31st, come by our headquarters at 9851 Horn Road, Ste. 100, Sacramento between 10am and 5pm and drop off your ballot! It’s Halloween, and we know that Gavin the Grinch doesn’t want anyone to have fun, but we’ll be happy to see you and your kids in costume, and we’ll have some goodies for the trick-or-treaters! It’s important you don’t wait until Election Day this year when all the ghouls and ghosts will be lining up around the block to cast their ballots.

If you’d like some help with your ballot, view information on our Endorsed Candidates and our recommendation on Ballot Measures.

Please reach out to friends and family who think their vote doesn’t matter in the California election. Every vote will make a difference! VOTE!

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