Is American culture doomed?

Have we replaced opportunity with equity, and freedom with subordination? Many wonder if we are now on the “cancel culture” path that cannot be reversed.

Voters across America turned out to oppose President Trump, not to support Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. That’s never a lasting political scenario. Now they’re seeing the results of listening to biased media, paid agitators, and self-serving consultants who made so much bank on the 2020 election, they won’t have to work for years. Good thing for them, because those who propped up Biden, including the disgraced members of the Lincoln Project, are now responsible for the chaos we see across our nation and throughout the world.

The media always takes the opportunity to discredit President Trump’s concerns about the 2020 election’s integrity, but thanks to legislatures in several states, actual investigations are now taking place to understand the vulnerability of our current system, and to determine if there was foul play. The humans, machines and processes used to elect our leaders should always be scrutinized to make sure that every legal vote counts. Learn more.

Why do Democrats seem to always win? 

  • The money flows in. Unions, business interests such as tech, agriculture and energy, all know that they must pay up or things could be worse for them. Millions of voters are made to feel important with their $3 donations, and millionaires get the access they crave by writing big checks. All while continuing the false story that Republicans are the rich ones.
  • Everyone gets paid. Nonprofits, consultants, media, political staff all do the work for a living. Using union laborers, community groups, college students, and anyone willing to work local precincts, the Democrats are always present. Often steering voters to government services, and then returning to collect their ballots.
  • Democrats stay on message. Through firms like Media Matters, they make sure the mainstream news features their rhetoric, with no fact checking or integrity. Many reporters are married to Democrat operatives and elected officials, creating a conflict of interest that goes unreported. Talking points are provided to their candidates and political operatives and they share them without questioning their origin or validity.
  • When the rules don’t work for them, they make changes. Whether it’s a recall, votes on tax increases, protecting the minority party with a filibuster, or stacking the courts, traditions are thrown out the window if the process isn’t advancing the Democrat’s agenda.

While we experience “everything is now better” gaslighting from college professors, operatives and editorial boards, voters are experiencing higher prices, jobs fleeing our state and the country, and an increase in crime in all communities. And they understand the hypocrisy of Critical Race Theory and twisting our history by taking it out of context. They don’t need the media to tell them what life is like under Biden or Newsom. Life is not better now, and Democrat leaders are nervous about the Recall and 2022. They should be.

Republican solutions were finally being implemented under President Trump, and Democrats did everything they could to sabotage the success. Working class Americans, people of faith, immigrants, small business owners and foreign leaders were seeing the results of an America First administration. Now that Biden is reversing everything Trump accomplished, the devastating results will give Republicans an opportunity to take back Congress next year. But we can only do that if we go all in to bring our message of opportunity, responsibility, and freedom directly to voters, bypassing traditional sources of news and social media, while capitalizing on the backlash to woke corporations.

Voters need to believe that change is possible. Through our engagement, we need to give them hope.

Next Steps:

  • Achieve a Yes vote to recall Gavin Newsom and show Democrat voters their leaders are no longer invincible or to be trusted. Turn out will win this, so we must bring every eligible voter to the polls when this special election takes place. Learn more.
  • Recruit, train and support quality candidates to replace Democrats in purple districts. Candidates should come from a leadership position in their district, known for an issue of importance such as promoting school choice, safe neighborhoods, tough love programs for the homeless, and a welcome environment for local businesses. They need to be ready to ask for money and spend their own, to organize a ground operation that starts contacting voters now, and they must have the ability to communicate the benefits of a Republican approach to current issues. Voters need to be assured we will govern differently. SacCountyGOP’s next training for prospective candidates will take place on June 19th.
  • Voters will need to do their part if they want change. This includes donating to their local Republican County Committee. Most people don’t realize how effectively the Democrats use their county committees to fund campaigns. Tens of thousands of dollars are sent from around the state and nation to the Sacramento Democrats. They use those funds to elect Democrats to local, state and federal offices. County parties are not subject to the same donation limits and can make the difference through call centers, precinct operations, and mailed voter guides. Learn about upcoming events and donation opportunities.
  • Participate in election monitoring to protect our votes. SacCountyGOP will be encouraging Republicans to work the election and to serve as monitors as the voting takes place. We will train volunteers to watch vote centers and drop boxes as the Recall and 2022 elections approach. Learn more.

We will provide every opportunity for you to help us achieve our goals of taking back Congress, removing ineffective state legislators, electing a Republican Sheriff and County Supervisor, and winning races in our cities. This website has all the resources you need to get involved.

Are you going to be part of the solution?


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