Sacramento County Republican Central Committee Votes to Expel Jeffrey Perrine

Sacramento, Calif.— (Feb. 17, 2021)—During its February 17 meeting, the Sacramento County Republican Party Central Committee, in accordance with their Bylaws, voted in support of the executive committee’s recommendation to expel member Jeffery Perrine. The expulsion recommendation is in response to Mr. Perrine’s desire to maintain membership in an organization despite his views and actions being categorically inconsistent with the values of the Republican Party.

“The Committee took this action very seriously,” said Committee Chair Betsy Mahan. “We had to give consideration to the impact of Mr. Perrine’s behavior on our Party during a volatile time in our country’s history.”

Sacramento County Republican Party Treasurer and Natomas Unified School District Trustee Micah Grant, who made the motion to remove Perrine, issued the following statement in response to the committee’s vote to expel Perrine:

“Mr. Perrine’s beliefs, actions, and public statements are woefully out of touch with true conservative values and were a slap in the face to Republicans everywhere who are deeply embedded in their communities. I’m proud the committee took the necessary action to remove this individual.”

Under state law, any member of a political party may run for Central Committee. In Mr. Perrine’s race, there were equal amounts of candidates and seats available, so a vote did not take place and he was not on the March 2020 ballot.

During its February meeting, the Central Committee also adopted a resolution denouncing all groups that call for hate or violence against government officials, buildings, law enforcement, places of business and worship, or neighborhoods. “We invite all political parties to join us in denouncing violence as a means to express political opinions,” said Mahan.

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