November Ballot Measures

Local Measures:

No on City of Sacramento Measure U (1 percent sales tax increase to be used for general purposes) Learn More
No on City of Folsom Measure E (0.5 percent sales tax increase to be used for general purposes)


Statewide Measures:

Prop. 1 – Veterans Bond Act (Oppose) – The Legislature too often looks to bonds instead of prioritizing spending during the budget process. Then the money isn’t even spent! Increased state costs to repay these bonds average about $170 million annually over the next 35 years. A comprehensive approach is needed to address housing shortages that will benefit veterans and all Californians. In the meantime, we have a huge surplus that should be used to help our vets.
Prop. 2 – No Place Like Home (Support) – the Legislature recently put this measure on the ballot to allow existing mental health funds to to be used for homeless programs. Currently, people who are homeless cannot qualify for mental health services because of residency requirements, leaving the most vulnerable, and sometimes violent, without assistance. The County of Sacramento includes a population of homeless people, 50% of whom have mental health issues. This measure uses existing funds and does not require a tax increase. Learn more.
Prop. 3 – Water Bond Act (Neutral) – while we support using tax dollars to improve our water storage infrastructure, the GOP is not convinced the Legislature will appropriate even more bond money to our priorities. Bonds have been passed in previous elections for water storage, and none have been built! Consensus could not be reached on this measure due to the needs of agriculture for a reliable supply of water.
Prop. 4 – Children’s Hospital Bond Act (Oppose) – more bonds, instead of prioritizing children’s health programs in the regular budget process. The GOP does not think it is appropriate to use bonds to fund private hospitals. If they need support, the funds should come out of the General Fund at the expense of other programs.
Prop. 5 – Property Owner Taxes (Support) – this allows homeowners over 55 years old or those severely disabled to transfer their property tax base to a replacement residence. Contaminated or disaster destroyed properties also included. Learn more.
Prop. 6 – Repeal the Gas Tax (Support) – California already had one of the highest gas tax rates in the nation before the Legislature increased it again! Unfortunately, millions of those funds where diverted to non-transportation programs. If taxpayers are successful in repealing the most recent increase in the gas, diesel and car registration fees, the Legislature will simply need to use the funds they already extract at the pump to fix our roads. Sign up to help repeal the gas tax at for more info.
Prop. 7 – Daylight Savings Time (Support) – the Legislature would be authorized by 2/3 vote to take advantage of federal law, should it change, to change daylight savings time. Federal action is required before changes can be considered.
Prop. 8 – Regulation of Kidney Dialysis Clinics (Oppose) – the unions are seeking to control private kidney dialysis clinics by placing a cap on revenues, potentially impacting care for critically ill patients. Learn more.
Prop. 9 – Dividing California into Three States (Removed from ballot by Court)
Prop. 10 – Expanding Rent Control (Oppose) – allows local governments to impose stronger rent controls, even though the practice is not working to keep prices down in New York or other big cities. This will result in fewer rental properties when California needs more affordable housing, not less. Learn more.
Prop. 11 – Ambulance Employees On Call During Breaks (Support) – the Legislature wouldn’t solve this, so it had to go to a vote of the people. Emergency response drivers would be able to respond to a call even if they are on a break. Learn more.
Prop. 12 – Confinement of Farm Animals (Oppose) – a recent successful ballot measure set specifications for confinement of livestock, and this measure takes it further. The livestock industry says this will drive them out of the State as they cannot afford to comply.
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