By Betsy Mahan
Chair, SacCountyGOP

Can We Wake Up Now From This Bad Dream?

It’s hard to imagine a more chaotic political environment for our country than the one we are now experiencing. It’s even surreal and hard to believe that our Constitutional rights are being trampled so blatantly. There is no shame in the Biden Administration, and only one goal – to defeat Donald Trump using any means necessary.

Joe Biden has spent his entire career since 1970 in political office, mysteriously accumulating massive wealth, enough to purchase several mansions where he spends about a third of his time as President. That wealth made millionaires of his family members as well – all because of Uncle Joe’s talent at transforming conversations about the weather into government contracts, preferential regulatory policies, and outright bribery using taxpayer dollars to influence foreign governments.

Biden Jr’s business partner verified under oath that Hunter’s influence and ability to put himself in lucrative positions of power was because of the “Biden Brand”. Joe Biden facilitated that influence with his presence at social outings with Jr’s clients, on the phone during negotiations, and with his constant support for his wayward son. 

They wouldn’t lie…would they?

Americans want to believe their elected officials and news anchors when they look into the camera and make a statement about impactful issues. Yet, all we see are coordinated campaigns to redirect viewers from the explosive evidence against players like Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Eric Swalwell, and the Biden Family. Democrats are counting on voters being disgusted with the whole process and hope they’ve tuned out politics in general. This frees them to weaponize the justice departments at the federal, state, and local levels to attack President Trump and intimidate his supporters.

I can’t think of another political figure who could withstand what Donald Trump has endured. Whether you like him or not, you have to give him credit for standing against the misuse of government agencies, including the FBI, CIA, IRS, State Department, Department of Justice, and the White House. If he was not willing to fight these battles, this would have become the norm. It still could if voters don’t send Joe back to his beach chair for good.

In the 2020 Election, COVID was weaponized to create chaos and a seemingly insurmountable crisis for the USA and the world. There were so many unknowns, most likely due to this health crisis being manipulated to impact an election. President Trump was forced to focus on vaccines and cures to help his people rather than campaigning on the many accomplishments of his administration. Once again, it was hard to believe that the people propping up Biden could want this power so badly that they cost the lives of millions of people around the world. It’s like a scary movie – but history will eventually show how it really evolved, as long as Biden is not re-elected.

The Democrat’s weapon of choice for the 2024 election is to hurl indictments at Biden’s opponent to keep him distracted and waste his resources. I think Trump should sue Joe Biden for attorney’s fees after this is all done. So far, it has cost Trump $40,000,000 in legal costs. Biden would have to sell his mansions, and Hunter would have to get a real job. That would be sweet.

But I have faith that the American people will pay attention and see this parade of law suits for what it is – election interference. Now voters need to do our job and come together after the Primary, united and ready to use every resource we have to elect a Republican President.

Let’s show the world the Biden family is not a reflection of the America we know and love. 

Below are links to resources to help you get involved in this election. We need all hands on deck to not only elect a Republican President, but to make sure he has a US Senate and House of Representatives that can turn around the Biden Administration’s failed policies.
Our California Republican Party has trainings, regional offices, and events to help get out the vote. They provide critical resources to County parties to facilitate strategic voter contact. 

County Republican Parties
Find your county’s leaders and ask them how you can help elect Republicans in the 2024 election!

If you’re a resident of Sacramento County, we have volunteer opportunities, events, and a need for funds to elect Republicans. In November of 2022, we elected 56 Republicans to local, state, and federal offices and we intend to mobilize the 214,655 Sacramento County Republican voters in 2024 to elect even more. Join us!

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