SacCountyGOP recommends you take some precautions as you vote in this election. Below are ten tips to make sure your vote counts!


Check Your Registration – many people have had their party changed after visiting the DMV. You can visit this link to make sure you are still registered, and affiliated with the Party of your choice.

Track Your Ballot – all voters in California can register to receive notice when their ballot has been mailed, when the completed ballot has been received by County Elections, and when the ballot has been accepted and counted. Sign up to receive these notifications at this link: 

Watch For Your Ballot in the Mail – All voters should receive their ballots in the mail by October 9th. Each ballot return envelope has a unique barcode that is associated with your ballot, so don’t get it mixed up with others in your household. This protection makes sure that others cannot vote on your behalf.

Consult the SacCountyGOP Voter Guide – The Sacramento County Republican Party endorses candidates at the local, state and federal levels, and takes positions on local and state ballot measures. Most voters find it challenging to keep up with the backgrounds and skills possessed by our future elected leaders, and our research helps you to know whether to vote yes or no on ballot measures that will impact your pocket book, kids’ future, and community safety.

Fill Out Your Ballot & Sign the Envelope – Fill in the oval next to your choice for each race or measure using black or dark blue ink. Do not use red ink since it cannot be seen by the machines that count the votes. If you make a mistake, you can cross it out and fill in the oval for the correct choice. As long as your intent was clear, they will count your vote. However, if the dog ate your ballot, or a mistake cannot be clearly corrected, you can request a new ballot be sent to you by calling Sacramento County Elections at (916) 875-6451, or you can pick one up at a Vote Center within ten days of Election Day. As long as your original ballot has not been sent in, the new ballot will be counted. Don’t forget to sign and seal the pink return envelope! You should also print your name and residence address under your signature.  No postage required if mailed.

Choose From Several Options to Submit Your Ballot – Democrat leaders mandated all ballots be mailed to voters in this election under the guise of protecting you from COVID-19. Each county will implement this process differently. In Sacramento County, we already had mailed ballots with options to vote in person at the County Elections Office, at Vote Centers, or by dropping ballots in drop boxes throughout the County. Sacramento County voters can take their completed ballot to any Vote Center or use any official drop box throughout the County regardless of where they live. You can send your ballot by mail…but we highly recommend if that’s the option you choose, you do so at least ten days before Election Day. If you’re not comfortable with the options mentioned above, you can hand your ballot to one of our trained Ballot Collectors at our headquarters, located at 9851 Horn Road, Ste. 100, Sacramento. Check our Contact page for office hours. If you are unable to drive, call our office at (916) 822-5618 to request a ballot pick-up. Our Ballot Collectors will hand-deliver ballots to the County Elections Office the next business day.

Protect Yourself From Ballot Harvesting – It’s very possible you will see people walking your neighborhood offering to turn in your ballot. Unless you know and trust the person offering to help, DON’T TURN OVER YOUR BALLOT! SacCountyGOP will not be walking door-to-door to collect ballots.

VOTE EARLY!  Just in case there is an issue with your ballot, be sure to vote at least one week before Election Day!

Make Sure Your Ballot Has Been Received and Counted. Look for the notice of receipt from BallotTrax if you signed up to have your ballot tracked. Or call County Elections at (916) 875-5461. You will receive notice from BallotTrax when your ballot has been counted as well. If you don’t hear within one week of sending in your ballot, call County Elections at (916) 875-5461.

Report Ballot Integrity Issues – The CAGOP is collecting incidence reports when irregularities are observed. Visit their Protect the Vote page to learn more.

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