Just as Sacramento County School Districts were preparing a response to the Grand Jury’s request for vaccine mandate plans, along comes Governor Newsom, who waited until after the vote on his Recall Election to impose mandatory vaccines for K-12 students and educators.

Many have been calling for the Governor to end his emergency declaration that has resulted in hundreds of executive orders, many unrelated to the pandemic.

Today Gavin Newsom violated the rights of millions of California families with a statewide vaccine mandate for students. Here is my full statement as Vice Chair of the Assembly Education Committee.

Just days ago, Newsom actively opposed a mandate for prison guards. The reason: their union gave him $1.75 million in the Recall. Special Interests can buy their way out of vaccine mandates just like lockdowns.

For Newsom, your rights as a parent mean nothing. The well-being of your child means nothing. Public health and “science” mean nothing. All that matters is money and headlines. 

California kids didn’t donate millions to his campaign, so they’ve been attacked relentlessly. Now they’re being expelled if they don’t get the shot.

I am renewing my calls to pass ACR 46, my Resolution to end the State of Emergency and rein in a Governor whose recklessness is surpassed only by his corruption.

Assembly Education Committee Vice Chair Kevin Kiley

State Assemblyman

Here’s what the Governor’s mandate requires:

  • California students in both public and private schools must be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to attend in-person classes
  • The mandate takes affect as soon as the FDA approves the vaccine for younger age groups
  • Teachers will be subject to the same state mandate and the testing option is eliminated
  • Two age groups will be impacted on different timelines: K-6 and 7-12 (starting with the next semester for each age after FDA approval)
  • Newsom encouraged school districts to mandate vaccines earlier if possible
  • Students that do not comply must enroll in independent study
  • The COVID vaccine will be added to the list of other permanent vaccines required to attend in-person school
  • Medical and religious exemptions will be considered using CA Department of Public Health guidelines

The Pfizer mRNA has been approved for 16 and older by the FDA. It is also recommended for children 12-15 and is conducting trials for ages 5-11.

Read the Governor’s Announcement


Contact your school board members and ask for details on their planned implementation of this vaccine mandate. Ask if they plan to file a legal challenge to give back local control, and discourage early implementation. Ask about the process for filing medical and religious exemptions. Let your elected board members know that you want to have the opportunity to express your opinion on this serious health issue impacting your kids and their teachers.

You can access the list of Board Members in your school district on our School Districts page.

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