UPDATE: May 14, 2020

Over 750 comments were submitted on this item – running 10-1 against the tax. Ignoring public comment, the vote on STA proposal to put the sales tax increase on the ballot just passed. Remember these people when they’re up for re-election!

Opposing placing the tax on the ballot:

Sup. Sue Frost (the only one who spoke up for the 10-1 comments in opposition)
Councilman Steve Miller
Councilman Patrick Hume
Councilman Paul Sandhu
Councilman Garrett Gatewood

Supporting the tax:

STA Chair & Councilman Daren Suen (made the decision NOT to read public comments and cut-off Sup. Frost when she objected…)
Sup. Phil Serna
Sup. Susan Peters
Sup. Don Nottoli
Sup. Patrick Kennedy
Councilman Eric Guerra
Councilman Steve Hansen
Councilman Jeff Harris
Councilman Jay Schenirer
Mayor Darrell Steinberg (he was very annoyed that any time was being spent discussing public comment…)
Councilwoman Kerri Howell

The proposal now goes to the Sacramento Board of Supervisors, where passage is expected. But don’t let them off the hook! Tell them how you feel and ask that they not waste $1million placing this on the ballot, when polling shows it is the wrong time due to the impact of COVID-19. (Contact info link)

Whether they like it or not, they need to listen to the voters!

Original Message:

On Thursday, May 14th, the Sacramento Transportation Authority will meet to decide if a new sales tax will be added to the November ballot. There are several members who are on the fence and need to hear from Sacramento residents to inform their decision. (Here’s the Meeting Agenda)

If we can keep this tax increase off the November ballot, we can instead focus our resources on electing candidates and supporting or defeating statewide ballot measures.

Many thanks to Bruce Lee, President of the Sacramento Taxpayer Association and Coalition Leader of Sac County Residents Against Measure A for briefing voters at the May 6 Virtual Town Hall. View his presentation at this link. Thanks also to Supervisor Sue Frost who helped us understand the complex requirements imposed by State Government that Authority members must consider when appropriating transportation funds.


Before May 14th at 1pm:

Send a personal message by email to the Sacramento Transportation Authority (STA) Board Clerk – at BoardClerk@saccounty.net    (please send a copy to info@SacCountyGOP.com and info@sacramentotaxpayers.com)

Include your city of residence or business if it is in Sacramento County

Explain why you do not want a new Measure A increasing sales tax to 9.25% put on the November 2020 ballot

Refer to Item 11 on the Agenda

Request that your message be read into the meeting record (very important!!)

Sample messages:

  • wrong time to burden taxpayers with higher taxes
  • we’ve had to prioritize our spending with less income – and so should our government officials
  • consumers will not want to make large purchases in Sac County with such a high sales tax
  • businesses and jobs will leave the County
  • Sac County taxpayers are already paying for two other transportation taxes
  • A small percentage of Sac residents will benefit from the projects outlined for this new tax


Share this flyer with other taxpayers and ask them to take action before May 14th

Visit the STA website: www.sacta.org/who-we-are and identify the members who represent you e.g. your County Supervisor and/or City Council member

If you are in the districts of County Supervisor Sue Frost, Rancho Cordova Councilmember & Vice Mayor Garrett Gatewood, Citrus Heights Councilmember & Vice Mayor Steve Miller, Elk Grove Councilmember Patrick Hume or Galt Councilmember & Mayor Paul Sandhu – thank them for opposing Measure A!

Look for others on the Board who represent you and click on their name. This will take you to their web page that will include their contact information. Ask them to vote NO at the May 14 STA Board Meeting on adding Measure A to the November 2020 ballot

Support A Taxpayer-Friendly Resolution:

Visit “Sac County Residents Against Measure A” on Facebook and click on Sign Up.

Join the Coalition and share the sample resolution language with organizations who will adopt it and spread the word to their members.

Thank You!

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