Standing up for the best interests of your children has never been a partisan issue. But recently, Democrat leaders are taking a stand at the highest levels of government against parental rights, including calling out moms and dads who are passionate about protecting their kids’ health, safety, and academic future.

President Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland called for the FBI to be on the lookout for angry parents who are showing up in large numbers at public meetings to criticize the actions of school board members.

Democrat Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe lashed out at anti-CRT protests stating “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

The National School Board Association wants to protect schools from the “imminent threat” of parents sending “threatening letters and cyberbullying” school officials. The association considers such activities to be akin to “domestic terrorism.”

“As these acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials have increased, the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes,” wrote the NSBA.

Victor Davis Hanson pointed out that as the popularity of their agenda falls, Biden and fellow Democrats will weaponize the federal government. “They don’t win because you have a lot of enlightened inductive thinking citizens autonomous and they don’t trust those people because they have this top down utopian agenda that they think there’s some type of platonic guardians and they’re going to tell us the stupid people you have to do this about quarantine, you do this of vaccination. If you have COVID and you have antibodies, that doesn’t matter. And they don’t want an empowered citizenry. And they’ve done their best either through demographic change and open borders, or from trying to dismantle things like the filibuster or the electoral college or the nine person Supreme Court.” See his interview by Laura Ingraham below.

Meanwhile, Rasmussen reports their latest public opinion poll shows “Americans have lost hope in the nation’s future since last year and only a third now believe the country’s best days are ahead.” Their national telephone and online survey found that only 33% of American Adults now say America’s best days are in the future, a steep decline from last November, when 47% of Likely Voters believed the nation’s best days were still ahead. As recently as April 2019, an absolute majority (54%) of voters saw America’s best days in the future. 

We’ve seen the videos of parents speaking “truth to power”, as the squad likes to say, as they have called out school officials for allowing curriculum and activities that are contrary to their personal beliefs, keeping kids at home to placate teacher’s unions, and requiring masks on the little ones even though their effectiveness is questionable and possibly harmful. Ironically, many parents became aware of new curriculum and indoctrination when their kids were having to learn from home with mom or dad listening nearby.

Why Democrats are shocked at this firestorm of mama bear activism is also telling. Parents were supposed to trust that the mandates coming from Washington and Sacramento were in the best interests of kids. Now that these Zoom sessions have shown little Johnny’s mom and dad the truth, the sleeping giant that includes parents, grandparents, and taxpayers is rising up. They poked the bear, and don’t like the consequences.

School officials should always be protected from violence and any other unlawful activity, and we are well aware there have been very contentious school board meetings, across the nation, and in our county in response to a rogue teacher who was caught bragging on video about manipulating kids into radical activism. Federal law already prohibits those credible threats of violence against public officials, but the law has been erratically enforced. It wasn’t until the Mayor of Seattle was intimidated by protestors outside her home that she cracked down on the autonomous zone and ended her “summer of love.” What’s been condoned for BLM and Antifa-triggered riots or anti-Kavanaugh hearings is held to a different standard if the group supports a protected border or election reform. The police are told to stand down as violence erupts and looting begins, but they need to crack down on parents with an attitude?

SacCountyGOP is on record as strongly opposing any acts of violence or intimidation to advance a political agenda, regardless of the cause. We encourage parents to express their opinions and influence decision makers without crossing the line of violence. Threats and intimidation will only lead to closed minds and spreading a false narrative that we are politically motivated rather than caring about our kids’ health and future.

The only way we can hope to make a difference is to be informed, organized, and active. Teachers unions and left leaning political operatives have been creeping toward these anti-parental rights policies for years, and they are making their move while Biden and Newsom are in office. Now is not the time to be silenced, and civil discourse must continue.
SacCountyGOP provides parents and concerned taxpayers with notice of upcoming school board meetings where agenda items include issues of concern. Through our Action Alert program, we share resources to make sure people are informed and understanding of the origin of each issue. For example, the Governor’s recent demand that all students be vaccinated against COVID cannot be blamed on individual school board members. But we can certainly engage with them to challenge the directive, or control its implementation. Take note of action taken prior to the Governor’s mandate by the Roseville Joint High School District – Resolution 2116 on “Local Control During Health Emergencies & Prohibition of Mandatory Vaccinations against the Sars-Cov2 Coronavirus.”  We will continue to provide updates on actions taken that might be used in other districts on our School Districts webpage.
Please join us as we work with the school board members who want to keep politics out of these important decisions. And during this process, take note of the board members who are up for election in 2022, and, if needed, the potential candidates we should engage to replace them. 

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