By Betsy Mahan, Chair of the Sacramento County Republican Party.

We’ve all seen the preprinted “Resist” signs, courtesy of big donors to the Democrat Party. We know they have an orchestrated effort to call out Republican Members of Congress across the nation to appear in Town Halls so they can show up and RESIST.  It makes them feel like they are accomplishing something to yell at elected officials and intimidate the real constituents who want to hear what their representatives have to say.

But as the Borg said, “Resistance is futile.”

Why? Because the people know that we need change. And they are looking to the Republican Party to bring some sanity back to our government.

Let’s look at California. 

While our Governor refuses to give up on a mismanaged, over-budget, unwanted high speed train to establish his legacy, Californians live in the highest poverty state in the nation. They’re not concerned about taking trips to the opposite end of the State – they just want to be able to feed their families and live in a neighborhood free of crime.

Democrats control our State Government. What’s their solution?

  • More meaningless regulations burdening employers and driving businesses out of the State, and a higher minimum wage because those are the only jobs left in California, if you’re lucky to get one.
  • Higher tuition for college students to pay the exorbitant salaries of a bloated UC Administration with pensions that would support multiple families in neighborhoods they could never afford. And a K-12 education system that has fewer and fewer graduates who can qualify to attend our state-run colleges because Democrats only care about who uses what bathroom, not if they are teaching our kids what they need to know to compete in the global economy.
  • Welcoming illegal immigrants while providing false hope that California offers them a safe and prosperous future. In reality, they must live in the shadows of crime-ridden neighborhoods full of criminals that have been released early due to Props 47 and 57, not to mention AB 109, meant to reduce prison overcrowding and move the financial burden to counties. So now our neighborhoods are overcrowded with murderers, drug lords and thieves who prey on the recent immigrants who fled countries to get away from poverty and thugs, and who must forge documents to get a job, if there are any. But Democrats to the rescue! They want to provide them with free healthcare, college, housing, as long as they’re illegal…. Is this compassionate? I think not.
  • As our dams and roadways crumble and water flows out to the ocean, Governor Brown seeks funding from Washington for drought and floods.

Resistance is futile because the people of California and the nation see that Democrat solutions cannot be sustained, they don’t work, and we’re all worse off than we were five, ten or twenty years ago. We’re tired of our twenty-something kids having to live with us. We see through the fake protests, the fake news, the fake legislation, and the fake Hollywood stars who think we care what they say.

Republicans are responding to the Democrats’ orchestrated resistance with solutions that will appeal to the un- and underemployed, the insured who can’t afford their healthcare deductibles, the forgotten veterans who deserve our support, and the farmers who feed the world.

Protest all you want, but we are living the truth and support our Republican House of Representatives, Senate and President who are moving ahead with the promises they made during the election.

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