Manhattan District Attorney Weaponizes the Legal System to Appease His Donors

By Betsy Mahan, Chair, SacCountyGOP

A lack of diversity in the population of Manhattan has given the District Attorney the green light to weaponize his office, setting aside cases involving violent crimes in favor of reversing his interest in prosecuting the former President of the United States. The Soros-financed DA bragged about taking down President Trump when he ran for office, so he’s just making good on campaign promises. This is consistent with former Speaker Pelosi’s statement that Trump must “prove innocence” – a perversion of American’s system of “presumed innocence”.

Democrats continue to show their fear of democracy as the Biden Department of Justice and IRS have implemented a two-tiered system of justice. Governor Newsom, forced to finally end his nearly three-year State of Emergency where he single handedly usurped the powers of the Legislature to implement major changes in California law that he couldn’t achieve any other way – has announced he will kick off his national tour of conservative states to demand compliance with his views. And a compliant corporate media continues to overlook the failures of the Biden Administration and his family’s greed, including their insatiable spending habits, while redirecting their viewers attention to parents who dare to speak up on behalf of their children, and criticizing the U.S. oil industry that is being shut down in favor of importing oil from foreign energy providers who produce with fewer environmental regulations.

The Democrats and the media are doing their best to provoke a violent response from Trump supporters.

The most effective answer to Trump’s call for protests is for reasonable people to make sure they are registered Republican so they can vote for a Republican in the March Primary.

Those who can see that the Democratic Party is no longer recognizable as they fight to completely overturn our system of government, must walk away and register Republican. Those registered No Party Preference or American Independent, must join the Republican Party – even just for the Primary Election, and send a message to Biden and those pulling his strings that we value the freedoms the United States Constitution guarantees. And our battle will take place at the ballot box, regardless of the barriers that will be put in our way.

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