By Betsy Mahan
Chair, SacCountyGOP

I’ve always been proud that the elephant is the symbol of our Republican Party. Unlike the stubborn and noisy donkey, elephants are known to be compassionate, respectful of elders, strong, and united as a herd.

As we head into the General Election, it would be beneficial if Republicans would follow the lead of our Party’s symbol, and show compassion for those less fortunate, respect our leaders, and use our strength in a united front to support our candidates.

With over 922,000 ballots to count statewide, and close to 89,000 left in Sacramento County, is appears we have a strong list of candidates that have prevailed, some receiving enough votes to avoid a run-off, and the rest moving on to face a Democrat in November. These candidates will be joined by a longer list of City Council, School Board and other local jurisdiction candidates. 

Sacramento County & District Races

Paul Keefer, Board of Education (59% allows him to avoid a run-off)
Stacey Bastian, Twin Rivers USD (73% allows her to avoid a run-off)
Thien Ho, Sac District Attorney (59% allows him to avoid a run-off)
Pat Hume, Bd of Supervisors District 5 (42% puts him in the run-off against Jaclyn Moreno)
Recently endorsed Kevin Kiley, CD 3 (37% puts him in the run-off against Kermit Jones)
Tamika Hamilton, CD 6 (18% in a wide field of Republicans puts her in the run-off against Ami Bera)
Max Semenenko, CD 7 (28% puts him in the run-off against Doris Matsui)
Roger Niello, SD 6 (42% puts him in the run-off against Paula Villescaz)
Cathy Cook, AD 6 (20% puts her over several other candidates to face Kevin McCarty)
Josh Hoover, AD 7 (32% puts him over several other Republicans to face Ken Cooley)
Heath Flora, AD 9 (Unopposed, but will face a write-in Candidate)
Eric Rigard, AD 10 (in 3rd place but close at only 1165 votes behind Eric Guerra. Stay tuned!)

Statewide Republican Candidates in the Top Two:

Governor: Brian Dahle
Lt. Governor: Angela Underwood Jacobs
Secretary of State: Rob Bernosky
Controller: Lanhee Chen
Treasurer: Jack Guerrero 
Attorney General: Nathan Hochman (Still a close race with Rep Eric Early)
Insurance Com: Robert Howell (Close race with Dem Marc Levine
Supt of Public Instruction: Lance Christensen (Close, but he keeps increasing his 2nd place lead)
U.S. Senate: Mark Meuser (for both terms)

You can follow the statewide and district races at this link:

For Sacramento County Results, view this link:

Please make sure you have signed up for SacCountyGOP’s eNews so you can jump in and help our united front! So far, Sacramento only had a 30% turnout, and this presents opportunities to have some upsets! Let’s do this!

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