Sacramento County Republican Central Committee

Endorses Re-Election of CRP Leadership


The Republican Central Committee of Sacramento County (SCRP) has endorsed the re-election of the following leaders of the California Republican Party.

  • Jim Brulte, Chair
  • Kristin Olsen, Vice Chair
  • Deborah Wilder, Secretary
  • Mario Guerra, Treasurer

“With Jim Brulte’s leadership, the California Republican Party is now solvent and ready to elect Republicans in 2018,” said SCRP Chair Betsy Mahan. “The recent addition of Kristin Olsen will surely improve communications for the Party, and her leadership skills will be an inspiration to those of us at the County level.”

The SCRP Committee also recognized the contributions of Secretary Deborah Wilder and Treasurer Mario Guerra who have worked to move the Party forward from an organizational and financial perspective. “Their dedication is appreciated,” said Mahan.

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