By Betsy Mahan, Chair of Sacramento County Republican Party
June 6, 2023

Much is being said about the recent arrivals of immigrants seeking asylum in the United States to the Sanctuary City of Sacramento in the Sanctuary State of California. Their journey to Sacramento still has many unanswered questions, and is mired in political rhetoric and postering. The hypocrisy of Democrat leaders and immigration activists is in full force as they criticize the State of Florida for transporting a few dozen immigrants to Sacramento into the arms of Catholic charities, while staying silent as the Biden Administration disperses them, often in the cover of darkness, to communities across the nation.

Governor Newsom’s response? He tweeted “this isn’t Martha’s Vineyard”. No kidding Governor! On this we do agree.

When immigrants were transported to Martha’s Vineyard, the playground of rich, elite liberals, they were given a big hug as they were shuffled to a bus and driven to transportation away from their privileged island paradise. There is no tolerance on Martha’s Vineyard for unvetted immigrants. And we don’t see homeless encampments lining the streets and parks like we do in the City of Sacramento. Martha’s Vineyard residents, many who are friends of the Newsom’s, think they are special and should be protected.

Now the new immigrants, as they must step over bodies of homeless people in front of the church where they were taken, are seeing that in Sacramento we have been unsuccessful at caring for current residents, including the thousands of mentally ill, drug and alcohol addicts, and those who just can’t afford the high cost of living. At least our leaders are talking about helping our homeless, and local charities stepped up to care for the immigrants. That’s more than I can say for Martha’s inhabitants.

I can assume that the flight on the private jet from Texas to Sacramento was the easiest leg of their journey from Central and South America. If they did walk or ride for months to reach the US border, under the thumb of cartels and other bandits, can Newsom and Steinberg really say with a straight face that their journey from Texas to Sacramento was treacherous? If they were promised opportunities for jobs, where else in the USA are the opportunities any better? Democrats must think that so-called “Red States” provide the greatest opportunities since they panic and push back whenever a bus load arrives in a Blue state.

Border towns in Texas and Arizona are overrun with asylum seekers who have nowhere to go. We cannot even imagine the challenges these border communities are facing. It is no wonder these states mostly vote Republican. They’ve had enough of this open border and the lack of awareness around the country due to a media blackout on the impact of millions of unvetted immigrants.

While many immigrants come here with a simple desire to provide for their families, too many are here to do harm under the direction of the cartels and terrorist groups. Those seeking asylum under false pretenses will have a set back when the new administration in 2025 decides to enforce the laws of our nation. Then they will realize they were lured here under the false pretense that Americans want an open border and we are still the land of opportunity. They will realize they were used by the Democratic Party who is losing voters due to their failing policies, with hope they can be replenished by immigrants who can become citizens while feeling beholden to those who throw them crumbs. They will understand that in all political scenarios you must follow the money, including the hoards of activists who have formed “non-profits” to supposedly address the very problems created by Democrat policies. It’s a vicious circle of wasted taxpayer dollars and abuse of human beings who have been misinformed and used for political purposes.

In addition to this chaos of relocating asylum seekers, we have sex trafficking and deadly amounts of fentanyl and other drugs coming across the unfenced areas of the border. Hundreds of thousands of United States citizens are losing their lives, or living miserable lives, because of the ease of smuggling people and goods across the border. 

Our current immigration system does need to be fixed by putting the interests of United States citizens first. There is so much need already without adding millions more who must live in the shadows. We need to elect a President, and members of the House and Senate who will show compassion for US citizens before they take on the neglected citizens of other countries. The immigration policy must include penalizing those countries who push out their uneducated, sick, and criminal residents to be taken care of by the US taxpayer. 

No doubt the recent additions to the City of Sacramento are having their eyes opened to the needs of our citizens. We can only hope our local, state and government leaders will open their eyes as well.

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