By Betsy Graves Mahan
Chair, Sacramento County Republican Party

Members of the Sacramento County Republican Party listened with interest this morning as California’s Governor Jerry Brown gave his State of the State address. We had anticipated that the Governor’s speech, as well as those who introduced him, would set the stage for a showdown with Washington, and they did not disappoint.

The Governor referred to deep divisions across America and rightly referred to California as “the great exception.” We couldn’t agree more. Thirty states across the nation voted for a dramatic change in our country’s direction that leaders in Sacramento have vowed to fight.

California no longer is the beacon of light for the working class. The Democrat-controlled Legislature and Governor Brown worked hard to increase the minimum wage because that is what too many workers have to look forward to. Higher paying jobs are leaving the State that is still ranked by Chief Executive as the Worst State to Do Business. As the 5th most expensive state with the highest income tax, sales tax and an ever-increasing gas tax, Californians are leaving for states with a brighter future such as Texas, Florida and North Carolina.

California can no longer sustain the insatiable appetite to spend our taxpayer dollars. Democrats must tackle the real deficit numbers that reflect pension and bond obligations.

Sacramento politicians could cost our State billions of federal dollars if they refuse to work with the Republican leaders in Washington. We were pleased to hear the Governor depart from the advice of former President Obama, as Brown called for all to “practice civility” and “work beyond party.”

The Republican Party of Sacramento County looks forward to our elected Republican leaders in Sacramento having the opportunity to work with their Democrat colleagues, should they decide to honor the Governor’s request to “trust each other” and “strive to understand the facts.”  In the meantime, our Committee will keep local Republicans informed of any progress toward the change American voters sought by electing Donald Trump, President of the United States, and maintaining Republican control of the House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

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