Once Again Democrats Show Their Hypocrisy

As California’s Governor travels to “red” states to lecture them on good governance and the preservation of Democracy, he avoids discussions on his multi-year usurpation of the Legislature’s job of creating policy – and not just for healthcare.

While Newsom’s wife benefits financially from mandatory distribution of a video to public schools sexualizing kids, he sides with radical unions who fund his campaigns to take away our rights as parents to guide our children’s healthcare and values. He refuses to acknowledge his failures to allow the billions of dollars appropriated for the homeless to actually get them some help, and under a roof. His administration has created a massive budget deficit, while taxpaying California businesses and families flee the State. He demands we buy new electric cars and trucks and dump our gas stoves, even though the high cost of living keeps most Californians from affording these changes.

Poverty in the Central Valley has skyrocketed as Newsom keeps water from agriculture, the industry that employs the immigrants (illegal and otherwise) that Newsom entices into our State. Meanwhile, he gives illegal immigrants free college, healthcare, and other services not available to working class citizens. And, despite voter approved bonds to build water storage facilities, we still need to stop watering our plants while billions of gallons of rainwater flow to the sea. 

Biden and Newsom prohibit domestic energy production to address global warming, while we import from countries that have substandard environmental protections. The Governor lets thousands of criminals out of incarceration early to prey on businesses and communities, and then shuts down prisons saying they are no longer needed because the prison population is declining. 

This is not Democracy. Quite the opposite.

Here’s what CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson has to say about Newsom’s “Make America California” Tour:

What Gavin Newsom’s ‘Make America California’ tour conveniently ignored

California is not the moral compass for the rest of the nation
Fox News
CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson
April 12, 2023

With a new political PAC designed to “fight back” against how Republican-led states are governed, California Governor Gavin Newsom has once again turned a blind eye to the mounting problems in his own state in favor of demonizing red states that are doing just fine without him. His lack of awareness about his own record of failures was on full display as he recently toured Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Alabama to lecture them on California’s supposedly superior way of life.

He called Republican leaders “authoritarian threats” while conveniently glossing over his own unilateral power grab during the pandemic. While enacting a three-years long state of emergency, Newsom shut down schools longer than any other state, shut down businesses that forced thousands to permanently close their doors and put many Californians out of work, kept masks on kids despite not wanting to wear his own, and dictated how many households can gather together at once – a rule he famously ignored…

If Newsom really wants to warn against authoritarian leadership, there’s no better place to start than with himself.

Newsom also tried to present himself as a guiding light on issues like education while never mentioning the dire straits schools in his home state are currently in. Students needlessly suffered as a result of Newsom’s extended school shutdowns. Recent test scores showed two thirds or more of California students aren’t at grade level in math and science while California ranks dead last in literacy. Meanwhile, public school enrollment continues to decline as families relocate, many to the very states Newsom is busy lecturing…

Gas prices certainly weren’t addressed, seeing as California continuously has the highest prices in the nation, towering high above the national average and nearing $5 per gallon. Not surprisingly, the states he visited have among the nation’s lowest prices with Mississippi and Arkansas boasting the nation’s least expensive gas. Instead of finding commonsense solutions to lower gas prices, like suspending California’s sky high gas tax, Newsom recently championed a new gas tax that will likely lead to even higher prices hitting already cash-strapped Californians.

At the end of the day, Newsom didn’t need to discuss his many failures during his tour because many red state residents know firsthand what Californians have to live through, as many are former Californians themselves. Over the last two years, 700,000 Californians have fled the state, a larger exodus than any other state in the nation, with many citing California’s housing affordability crisis as a reason for leaving…

Read the full op-ed here.

We must push back against this hypocrisy by sharing accurate information on the policy failures of the Democrats who control our cities, our State and Nation. We can’t rely on the corporate media to cover stories that expose the open border and all the crimes that brings, or the true status of our economy, or our vulnerability to foreign adversaries such as China and Russia. That has become the job of America-loving citizens.

And we must convince voters that we are a positive alternate to the chaos we now see everywhere under total Democrat control. This will require we support the best candidates in the 2024 election.

We will continue to share news that shines a light on the attempted overthrow of our government and way of life, and we hope you will too.  

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