By Betsy Mahan
SacCountyGOP Chair

The shelves that previously carried germ fighting products are bare at most stores. People are taking the coronavirus very seriously…some for health reasons, and others to not let a crisis go to waste in this Presidential election year.

The hyper-political response to the government’s handling of the coronavirus by Speaker Pelosi and keyboard warriors on social media has been despicable and counterproductive. This demonstrates that operatives would rather attempt to score political points by spreading false and provocative messages than curb the impact on our economy and focus resources on this infectious disease.

Perhaps this is a useful drill to make sure government agencies like the CDC and state health departments improve communications and protocols for a rapid response to infectious diseases, such as the ever-changing flu that kills tens of thousands of Americans every year.

We need to have confidence that a future pandemic will provoke health related, not political, responses that protect our people and our economy. Our private companies and healthcare providers are valuable resources in such times, and should continue to be part of a coordinated response team. By all appearances at the regular briefings led by Vice President Pence, the Administration has made the coronavirus a priority to prevent the spread we are seeing in other countries.

The good news? Fewer people may contract COVID-19 and the flu, and the economy will recover because it was healthy from the start. Our loved ones with underlying health conditions cannot rebound as easily, so please take precautions so we can all look forward to being together this summer.

Resource Updates:

Sacramento County Has Free, Drive-Thru COVID-19 Testing Now at Cal Expo
By Tim Lantz, iHeart Media, May 6, 2020

Sacramento County health officials on Wednesday announced that county residents age 18 or older may now get a free COVID-19 test at the Cal Expo drive-thru testing location in Sacramento. Adults who want a test don’t have to have any symptoms, but the county is asking those people with severe symptoms such as severe cough, severe shortness of breath, severe fever, or other concerning symptoms requiring immediate medical care not to visit the Cal Expo site. They also are not accepting any walk-ups, since the testing is being done by appointment only and only if you can show up in a car with working windows to protect yourself and the test site workers.

To get an appointment you’ll first have to complete an online screening process. Click here to get to the screening website.

To find out more about what to do if you’re sick with severe symptoms, health experts say you should immediately contact your doctor or other health care provider. It’s advised that you do that in advance of any visit to avoid putting others at risk of infection.

If you have an emergency warning sign, including trouble breathing, they recommend you get medical attention right away.

Coronavirus Updates from the Office of the President

Sacramento County Health Alerts & Advisories

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