By Betsy Mahan
Chair, Sacramento County Republican Party
Update January 7, 2021 – I join with the President in condemning the tragic violence at the Capitol yesterday and believe all perpetrators should be held accountable. There have been other breaches of the Capitol, including much larger numbers of anti-Kavanaugh protesters, so there needs to be a review of the lack of support for the Capitol Police to protect the buildings and their occupants. Speaker Pelosi’s call to impeach the President for a second time and to invoke the 25th Amendment is an over-reaction since the President has called for a peaceful transition and we trust that he will follow through with that pledge.
This day was one for the history books, but for the wrong reasons. We will move forward now, highlighting the accomplishments of the Trump administration, and focusing on the recall of Governor Newsom and the need to update the voter rolls for the next election.
Original Text:
The stakes couldn’t be higher, and the President’s opponents were prepared to win by any means necessary.
Biden and his supporters are pushing through, looking the other way, so that this fraudulent election becomes a fait accompli. The 75 million voters who thought they were voting in a free and fair process want answers!
At this point, this is less about who wins the Presidency and more about the integrity of the 2020 election, and future elections.
You just can’t look the other way when you see the extreme anomalies in the returns. President Trump won all but one of the bellwether counties, always an indicator of who wins the Presidency. He was significantly ahead in the swing states until poll watchers were sent home, and then miraculously Biden took the lead with a meteoric rise never seen before…for good reason. Meanwhile, Republican picked up seats in the House of Representatives – even four in California! And the GOP took control of several state legislatures. But Trump lost?
The lawsuits challenging the election were thrown out due to an apparent lack of standing, not because of a lack of evidence. The evidence was never allowed to be presented. In many cases, the election officials refused to provide access to determine if machines were tampered with, if ballots were mass printed, and if it was possible for election officials to change votes.
Why won’t the judges and election officials let the Trump lawyers investigate suspected unlawful behavior? We need to know if the Dominion system is a pay to play operation that both sides have taken advantage of. We don’t care who falls when the truth comes out. But this cannot stand!
Hundreds of poll observers and election workers have filed sworn affidavits stating they witnessed ballots being fed into the counting machines multiple times, ballots being counted when poll observers were not allowed to be present, chain of custody documents disappearing, signatures not being checked, voters who had left the state, or died, having their ballots submitted and counted. Felons and non-citizens received mailed ballots and voted. The sister of Stacey Abrams, who has bragged about orchestrating a huge turnout, threw out a lawsuit that challenged ballots fraudulently submitted.
Can anyone vote now? Are there no rules?
In California, the Democrats challenged the Republican Party when we started harvesting ballots. The frivolous challenge was eventually withdrawn by the Secretary of State – who was rewarded with an appointment to the US Senate – because we were following the laws Democrats enacted. Just as ballot harvesting worked against Democrat candidates in this election, so to can throwing out all the rules of who can vote. If the laws are not going to be enforced, then it’s a wild west election in ’22.
Is this really the election system we can be proud of? The USA sends observers to third world countries to look for the very fraud we know was committed here! Immigrants flee dictatorships that manipulate elections to their advantage. Now they’re seeing that same behavior here. We hear from them every day. They can’t believe that Americans are falling for the promise of free stuff in exchange for their freedom and the right to vote in fair elections.
We know that too many people do not know the extent of the fraud in the swing states because their sources of information are not reporting on the findings. We have to get the message out a different way. Not through Facebook, Twitter, or CNN. If we have to go house to house, office to office, we will tell people the truth.
So tomorrow, Americans from all walks of life, creeds, colors, and sexual orientations, including immigrants, seniors, millennials, students, restaurant owners, union members, hairdressers and truck drivers will gather across the nation, including at the Capitol in Sacramento, to call for election integrity and the rule of law. And voters need to listen to the evidence that will be presented in Congress, because most people will not hear about it from traditional news sources.
If the challenges to the electoral votes tomorrow are not successful, this will not be the end of it. We will demand accountability. We will expose all who cheated in this election, regardless of party. I suppose it’s a good time to be a lawyer because they’re going to be busy.
If the Democrats think this will keep us from showing up in 2022, they’re wrong. January 6th will be a day for the history books. Let’s make sure the story is told truthfully.
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