By Betsy Mahan
Chair, SacCountyGOP

Just made my last payment as a Sac Bee digital subscriber. They may not care about my little $12.99 each month, but I need to protest what I see day after day, editorial after editorial, column after column and article after article by withholding my hard-earned dollars.

It was my intent to get a different perspective on local news by reading beyond the headlines. I value having access to a variety of opinions and civil discourse. But their bias is escalating, and it’s all just so predictable. Why pay for it?

To quote our Secretary of State Pompeo, they are just one example of “authoritarianism masquerading as moral righteousness.”

Increasingly, we see widespread use of adjectives in their news articles that attempt to sway the reader to their editorial bias. They spew hatred toward anyone who has a different perspective, aligning us with the most hated men in history, when in fact their tactics came from those leaders of fascism and cancel culture. They conveniently forget about the downtown businesses that were wiped out by rioters and looters, which they pardoned as just some folks blowing off steam, while calling out Trump supporters for simply attending a rally in WDC. We all know that ended with a very small and unrepresentative group engaging in a criminal and despicable invasion of the Capitol Building. Of course, most of us expressed our opposition to the Capitol invaders, just as we did when an even larger mob took over the Senate building during the Kavanagh hearings, or tore down statues, or burned and looted businesses.

The Bee editorial board and their biased columnists are driving hard to send the 230,000 Republicans in Sacramento County and the 259,000 Sacramento voters who supported Trump over Biden crawling back into the shadows where we hid until Donald Trump gave us a voice. The President, in spite of attacks from the deep state and the DNC,  showed the world how a strong economy created opportunity for all. He put a stop to the global organizations that used our tax dollars to work against our people and interests. His accomplishments were not reported by so-called journalists at the Sac Bee, including making animal abuse a felony, spending millions to clean plastic out of our oceans, encouraging businesses to take on apprentices to open the door to higher paying employment. So many promises kept.

We love freedom, and value our right to free speech guaranteed by the Constitution. The Bee, Amazon, Twitter, Google and Facebook can try and shut us down, but we have a right to our views and will not stop finding ways to make sure we are the ones defining who we are and what we believe.

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