Can you imagine being in a senior home where guests are not allowed, and the Holidays are approaching with no joy in sight?

The current lockdowns have been especially difficult for seniors, leading to depression and loneliness at a time they normally would have their spirits lifted.

The Sacramento County Republican Party traditionally supports local charities during the Holidays, and this season we have decided to join with others to adopt seniors living in local residential facilities. We have been told these individuals have no family or prospects for a special holiday season. We’d like you to join us in letting them know they’re not forgotten.

Please look at the list of requested gifts, and bring unwrapped items by our headquarters Mon-Wed-Fri from 10am – 1pm by December 18th. If these days or times don’t work for your schedule, give our office a call at (916) 822-5618 and we’ll arrange to have a volunteer come in after hours. We are located at 9851 Horn Road, Ste. 100, Sacramento (near Bradshaw and Hwy. 50.)

In addition to the items on the Wish List, we were told that forms of entertainment are also appreciated such as dominos, checkers, themed bingo games, nerf guns/targets, remote control cars, paint sets, personal flashlights, and stuffed animals. Just imagine how these gifts could liven up a senior center!

Also, be mindful that seniors are more susceptible to communicable diseases like COVID-19, so please take precautions before handling the gifts you are kindly donating.

Thank you – and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Wish Lists

Mr. W – Orangevale Army War Veteran
Clothes – Size Large
Slippers – Size 12
Baseball Cap
Antique Bottles

Mr. M – Resident of a senior home in Carmichael
Clothes – Size Small (brown colors)
Shoes – Size 6.5
Chocolate Candy
Jacket/Windbreaker (not nylon)
Loves the Giants

Ms. C – Resident of senior home in Carmichael
Clothes – Size Small
Pretty, Soft Cardigan Sweater
Fund a Hair Appointment – Shampoo and Style  (SacCountyGOP will make arrangements)
Bedding for Twin bed – sheets, pillow, comforter
Snacks too!

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