Resolution 2-17

The SCRP Central Committee approved a resolution in support of Republican efforts to repeal the increased taxes on gas, diesel and vehicle ownership as a result of SB 1.

Resolution 1-17

The Sacramento County Republican Party Executive Committee passed a resolution relating to leadership on the Cap and Trade issue. Two resolutions on this topic will be considered by the full committee at the September 13th meeting.

A 4th of July to Celebrate

While the media is distracted by our President’s Tweets and struggles to keep the public focused on all-things Russian, our Republican Congress and President are working together to achieve the goals promised in the 2016 Election.

Voter’s Choice Act To Impact Sacramento County Elections

It’s time to comment on the draft plan to implement the Voters Choice Act in Sacramento County. Did you know that this Act requires that polling places will be replaced by regional voting centers, ballot drop-off centers, and same-day voter registration? Find out more.

INSIST! on Budget Transparency

Republican Budget Committee Vice Chairs and Non-partisan Legislative Analyst point out the State has ignored $22 Billion in the Budget calculation.

The First 100 Days – He’s Only Just Begun

The Sacramento County Republican Party celebrated President Trump’s accomplishments for the first 100 days, and looks forward to more changes coming soon. View pictures from our event as well as videos of the President.