California State Fair

The California State Fair will take place July 13 – 29th and there is much to do to get our Republican booth ready! Please sign up to volunteer and help us with the HUGE fee required to reserve the space. In this election year it will be very important that the GOP has a positive presence at the State Fair, and the Sacramento Republican Party welcomes all chartered GOP groups to participate.

Making Our Communities Safe

The Sacramento County Republican Party recently highlighted the importance of supporting candidates in the upcoming election who support a criminal justice system driven by keeping communities safe, not politics.

Resolution 2-17

The SCRP Central Committee approved a resolution in support of Republican efforts to repeal the increased taxes on gas, diesel and vehicle ownership as a result of SB 1.

Resolution 1-17

The Sacramento County Republican Party Executive Committee passed a resolution relating to leadership on the Cap and Trade issue. Two resolutions on this topic will be considered by the full committee at the September 13th meeting.