Biden’s USA in Chaos

By Betsy Mahan, Chair

Since Biden took office, we have been saturated with news of a world in chaos. Who could have predicted that the least of our worries would be food shortages, inflation, homelessness, declining academic achievement, heightened criminal activity and random acts of violence. 

Deep down, we have always felt that we are safe on US soil. But that is changing.

Under Biden, our reputation as a nation that stands by our allies and soldiers was shaken in the bungled and tragic Afghanistan departure, then again as China expands its military sphere of influence in Cuba, Central and South America, and Africa while circling Taiwan with no pushback from the US.

We’re seeing a prolonged war between Russia and Ukraine with Putin benefitting from China’s assistance as he pummels cities and civilian casualties skyrocket. We send billions of taxpayer dollars and military supplies to Ukraine, taking some of the cache from Israel and leaving both short on military equipment and ammunition. Meanwhile, our military is having recruiting challenges and won’t admit that young people who would normally consider military service a respectable job, won’t join because the Commander in Chief is weak, and the military seems more focused on forcing leftist social policies than protecting our country.

We watched the island of Maui burn as those who survived were mired in government paperwork to receive aid.

Then, as Congress started to expose the Biden crime family’s financial ties to foreign adversaries, Democrat political operatives launched the barrage of indictments against Biden’s primary challenger in the 2024 election, and a rogue group of Congressmen and women joined with Democrats to oust an effective Speaker McCarthy. 

The horrifying stories now coming out of Israel are too traumatizing for most Americans to comprehend. There is no way we can put ourselves in the place of the Israeli victims or their families experiencing the most heinous atrocities. 

As a possible large scale war evolves in the Middle East and China expands their influence around the world, Americans are starting to question our future as a free and secure nation. The images we are seeing from the terrorists must serve to wake up voters in our country as hundreds of known terrorists have been crossing our open border, and millions of unvetted, illegal immigrants pour into our cities and communities. It compounds what we have been experiencing – a perfect storm of disruption, undeterred by our nation’s leader. 

Before the Biden Administration, we were confident our country would not be under siege. We can no longer count on that security. The question remains if this chaos is part of a plan by globalists who would like to see our country fail and our freedoms removed.

What can we do? Can the chaos be reversed? Absolutely.

I believe in the people of the USA. As a Californian, I know that the rest of the nation (well…maybe not New York..) is not as obsessed with climate change, gender dysphoria, population control, and avocado toast. Most people just want to go to work, make life better for their kids, and maybe have a little fun. Life is much simpler in other states, and I envy their people who have not succumbed to the nonsense policies our legislature spits out, or the power of union bosses and woke big tech.

The Sacramento County Republican Party will continue to work hard to elect new Republican leaders, and to re-elect those who already serve. We will do the hard work that is our small part in a greater effort to reverse the chaos and take back the White House and U.S. Senate. 

Please have hope, and help us make a difference. 



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