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November 8th General Election

There are dozens of local offices up in November, including city council seats, school board positions, and local districts.  View the Candidate Handbook, and visit the County Elections Candidate Resource page for more info. Here’s the list of positions up in November.

Click on the images below to search for your new districts on the map, or look up your legislative and congressional districts at this link.


For Candidates

Our endorsed candidates are welcome to use SacCountyGOP’s name on their materials and digital sites. They have been provided with an image as well.


Candidates must file a Candidate Intention (Form 501) before raising or spending any money, including the candidate’s personal funds. A primarily formed committee must file a Statement of Organization (Form 410) within 10 days of raising or spending $2,000 in a calendar year.

Visit this page for a manual for local candidates. You can also check with the County of Sacramento and the Cities of Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Galt and Rancho Cordova for more information on running for local seats in those jurisdictions.

Candidates may use the Campaign Sidekick program for voter outreach, including walking and phoning. Contact Mike Story to get signed up.

SacCountyGOP will host a Candidate Fair and Ballot Collection on Sunday, October 16 at our headquarters so that voters can come meet all of the Republican candidates. Learn more!

For Volunteers

There are many ways you can participate in the election to make a difference:

  • SacCountyGOP Phone Banks, Precinct Walks, Community Events
  • Host a reception at your home or business to introduce local candidates to Republican voters
  • Volunteer for the CAGOP to work on priority campaigns in California
  • Represent SacCountyGOP as an Election Observer
  • Work the election – paid positions are available during the election at Sac County Elections – let us know you’ve applied so we can track how many Republicans they are accepting!
  • Run for office! Let us know if you’re interested!

Be sure to check the Upcoming Events page as the election approaches. This page will list regional meetings, fundraisers, and Open House events at SacCountyGOP headquarters featuring candidates and GOP leaders.

For Safe Elections

We need you to be our eyes and ears in the community.

The Democrats in Sacramento and Washington are doing everything they can to make sure they have an advantage in the 2022 Election. Mail in ballots, outdated voter rolls, no voter ID… it’s very concerning.

SacCountyGOP is working with the CAGOP and other counties to implement election integrity programs that will make sure your vote counts.

Besides applying to work the election and volunteering as a poll watcher, we need you to report on any anomalies you witness in Sacramento County, such as signature gathering using misinformation, multiple ballots being mailed to one household, voter registration being switched from Republican to DTS or Dem, and any kind of intimidation to vote or register a certain way. Please use this form to report any potential election fraud you have seen, and when possible, include pictures and handouts that will identify the organizers.

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