Election Day has passed and voters who signed up to have their ballots tracked using the system recommended by the California Secretary of State are wondering…where’s my ballot? Has it been counted?

BallotTrax claims it will notify voters when their ballot has been mailed, received, and counted. But we’ve just found out that’s not accurate.

According to the Registrar of Voters in Sacramento County, notifications are only provided when ballots have been mailed and accepted for counting. Once the signature is verified on the pink envelope, the actual ballot is pulled and is no longer associated with the voter. There is a code on the ballot that identifies your precinct, but not your name, so there is no way to know your ballot has been counted.

We feel it was very misleading to state on the BallotTrax website that a notice would be sent when an individual’s ballot is counted. And we want you to know that we have been assured that all ballots accepted by the Sacramento County Elections Office will be counted.

As of the date of this article, the Sacramento County Elections office has already counted all in-person submitted ballots received by election night. This includes ballots taken to the Elections Office by the SacCountyGOP. Still to be counted are the mailed ballots received on Saturday, October 31 or later. As long as the mailed ballot was postmarked by November 3rd, it will be counted.

You can follow the results on the Sacramento County Results webpage

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